Tribute Quartet's Tenor Riley Harrison Clark Has a New Baby Girl


Tribute Quartet's tenor Riley Harrison Clark and his wife Megan have a new baby girl. Charlee Rae Clark was born on April 14th surrounded by a host of family members, including two-year-old big brother Colbin. Charlee has a head full of blonde hair and weighs 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Megan and Charlee are both doing well.
"Megan and I are grateful for every prayer whispered on our behalf.  It is daunting to think that God has given us the gift of two beautiful children.  Our Southern Gospel family is a large part of supporting us in bringing them up with knowledge of a loving Savior", Riley Clark stated.
Gary Casto, Tribute Quartet's leader said, "Tribute Quartet is family, (and) all of us are thrilled to have precious Charlee join us. She can be assured that with Josh Singletary, Anthony Davis, Chip Woods, and I as honorary uncles, (we) will spoil her!" 

In just seven years, nationally known recording artist Tribute has become one of the country's most dynamic and beloved male quartets in all of gospel music. Gary Casto, Josh Singletary, Riley Harrison Clark, and Anthony Davis have proven to possess the winning combination of musical talent, warm and engaging personalities, and a focus that has kept them on the path to continued success since their inception in 2006. 

In an ever-changing musical climate, Tribute has remained steadfast in their goal to make great music that is both timely and relevant to the current musical scene and their loyal fan base while never wavering from their God-called mission to share Jesus with everyone with whom they come in contact. With a career that has already spanned the U.S., as well as several foreign countries, Tribute's popularity continues to grow. The men of this quartet attribute that first and foremost to the favor of God on their lives and ministry, as well as their many fans and friends who continue to help grow this ministry one friend at a time. 

With several industry awards and chart-topping songs to their credit, Tribute's music continues to bless and inspire their many supporters as well as regularly garner the attention of new fans. Each man in this group is excited about the future of this quartet--a future in which fans, peers, and industry insiders agree has only more great things in store for this group known as Tribute.



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