The Rubyz Speak of How Their New EP "I'll Follow You" Inspires Kids Today


The Rubyz are ready to share some of their new songs on an EP called "l'll Follow You," releasing June 17. The Rubyz is made up of Abby Schneider (age 14), Jessica Coffey (14) and Tanner Davis (17).  "I'll Follow You" is produced by award winning writer/producer Chuck Butler, who is best known for his work with The Backstreet Boys, Nick Lachey, TobyMac (for which he won 2 Grammy Awards), Mandisa and Tenth Avenue North.  This summer, the girls will be performing on the iShine stage at Creation NE, Sonshine and Creation NW, and will be prepping for a fall tour with American Heritage Girls and Trail Life.   

Q:  Thank you ladies for your time.  It's been some time since the Rubyz's last album, but there has been quite a few changes to the the members of the group in between releases.  Tell us a little about the changes.  And have these changes affected the vision of the Rubyz? 

The whole purpose and vision of the Rubyz to help kids/teens know that they are important. That they are loved and are always seen as beautiful in God's eyes! To achieve this goal, it's always been important that the kids can relate to us as peers.  No matter who is in the group, The Rubyz vision has never changed, and will continue to stay the same! 

We hope everyone sees that we put most of our time and effort into this whole process.  We want to give kids a voice, and make positive music that can help balance some of the negative messages in secular music that most kids listen to today.

Q:  Congratulations, on the release of your new EP "I'll Follow You."  What are you most excited about this new EP?

We are so incredibly excited for people to hear this new EP. I think we are most excited to share "I'll Follow You," which is the first song we ever wrote together as a group. We are so excited for people to hear it! We are also very excited for people to hear our new sound. We really think it's a good change from our last album.

Q:  In what ways do you think this EP will encourage your fans and those who listen to your music?

One of our main messages in the album is for kids to know that they are beautifully made. We want kids to know that you don't have to be popular or try to be like anyone else. God made you who you are and He doesn't want you to change! He sees each and everyone of us as beautiful and that's not gonna change. It's really important for kids to know this, especially with the world we live in today. Self-worth is so important! 

Q:   On this EP, you've got to work with Chuck Butler, who is best known for his work with The Backstreet Boys, Nick Lachey, TobyMac (for which he won 2 Grammy Awards), Mandisa and Tenth Avenue North.  How did you get to work with him?  And what do you think he brings to the record that you appreciate?

Our label worked very hard to find us the best producer possible for this album. They found Chuck and we are so incredibly grateful that they did! He is simply amazing. He transformed simple melodies into some incredible tracks for us. He brings such energy and really cool beats to this new album. When he showed us the final tracks for the album, we were amazed. We couldn't have asked for a better producer!

Q:  I believe this summer you will be busy promoting the EP, tell us some of the places you will be performing.

This summer we will be doing all of the Creation festivals. We did them last summer, and they were so much fun! We can't wait to do it again! We will be going to places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Washington. It's gonna be a fantastic summer! 

Q:  With the release of this new EP, how do you balance school, recording and promoting this record?

It gets very difficult at times, balancing everything is not easy! We really have to work a bit harder than other kids because we miss a good amount of school! It's a very small price we have to pay to minister to kids all over the world. 

Q:  It's a great encouragement to hear young people sing about Christ so passionately as you do on these new songs, what are some of the things you do to cultivate your love for our Lord?

The way we cultivate our love for God is by loving others, and serving in any way everyday that we can. God's love can always be cultivated in a new way.


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