Lizzy Long on Little Roy's Cancer, Marty Stuart, a Dolly Parton Cover & Their New Album

Little Roy and Lizzy Show

StowTown Records and The Little Roy & Lizzy Show are proud to announce the release of Good Time, Down Home. It's the debut project on the StowTown label for the popular 4-time GMA/Dove Award-winning bluegrass gospel band. Country/bluegrass legend Marty Stuart makes a special guest appearance with "Tear The Woodpile Down" and the project also includes the catchy title track,"Good Time, Down Home, Countrified Feeling". Good Time, Down Home features a fun mix of traditional country and bluegrass as well as old-time gospel classics like "Unclouded Day" and "Up Above My Head". 

Q:  Congratulations on the release of "Good Time, Down Home."  I believe this is your first album with StowTown Records, did you approach this album any different than your previous records?

We did have to approach this CD alot differently. Half way through we discovered Little Roy had cancer on the base of his tongue... So we practically had to stop in the middle of production... Handle his treatment, then re-do all his vocals and then mine to match his. It was a hard album to do... For me. And I'm sure for Little Roy, too.

Q:  What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

One highlight was Little Roy beat cancer. The next highlight was having Marty Stuart come sing on a song he wrote that we recorded. Marty has been a long time friend of the family's and we were all tickled he sang with us.

Q:  On this record, you've got to work with Marty Stuart.  How did that come about?  What was it like working with Marty?

Little Roy has known Marty since he was a kid and use to carry Little Roy's instruments for him. Working with Marty is like working with family. He is a "Down Home" kinda guy. Just chill and cool. With Hair. Ha.

Q:  I love your rendition of Dolly's "Coat of Many Colors."  Why did you choose to do this cover?

I myself don't like doing other artists big hits. People usually compare you to the original. We do two shows in Maine a year, Fort Fairfield and  Blistered Fingers. And the people there always request me to do this song for some reason. So we recorded it.... Before the Dolly's mini series came out... So I guess it was just meant to happen. 

Q:  Let's talk about your single "Jesus is a Waymaker."  For our readers who have not heard it, what's the song about?  And why are excited over this song?

This is a song that Polly Lewis use to sing. I just loved it. It's got a good message and story in the song that I felt always fit me. Its pretty much about being lost and jesus paving the way for ya. Cause he is the Waymaker.

Q:  Has there been a time in your life you experienced Jesus as your waymaker?

Very much so. My whole life.

Q:  Speaking of down home, what's your favorite part of being home with your family?

Stories. Hunting and Fishing. And resting haha. I love being down town in Lincolnton and catching up with everyone. 

Q:  Are you currently touring in support of your new record?  Where can our readers catch up with you regarding your shows and your music?

Yes we are. We are always on tour. You can visit our website at and find out where we will be next. We are having our 5th Annual Little Roy and Lizzy Music Festival May 4,5, and 6 in Lincolnton Ga at Elijah Clark State Park with guest The Oak Ridge Boys, Connie Smith, Daryle Singletary, Rhonda Vincent, and many others. Its a great festival if you want to come and enjoy a "Good Time, Down Home".  

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