Kelly Price Criticized for Singing a Song About Adultery at the Indiana Black Gospel Expo

Kelly Price

Grammy award-nominated soul songstress Kelly Price has been criticized for singing a song advocating adultery at the Indiana Black Expo gospel showcase. Price sang her hit single "As We Lay" which speaks about a woman having an affair with a married man. "As We Lay," a cover of Shirley Murdock's hit, is taken from Price's 2000 album Mirror Mirror. On social media, numerous people questioned her decision to perform "As We Lay."  

Price took to Instagram on Monday to defend herself. "#ImAChildOfGodToo and for the people who keep saying that I got on a gospel stage and sang secular music, I was never told it was a gospel stage," she captioned her Instagram video. "I was aware that it was a gospel stage after I performed on it. But even if I didn't know does that give Christian people a reason to be so nasty?"

One commenter replied, asking:  "So let me get this straight: you were invited to perform at the Indiana Black Expo gospel showcase and you didn't know it was a gospel showcase? All you had to do was turn around and look at the background on the stage. And I have to believe you weren't the only person singing that evening. Then, you throw shade calling Christians bigots because they drew a line regarding you trying to throw your lifestyle in their face and they called you on it. Unacceptable."

The Indiana Black Expo released a statement on Monday saying that Price was not to blame for singing the song in what seemed to be a portion of the Gospel Explosion headlined by gospel music artist Le'Andria Johnson in Indianapolis on Sunday. "Ms. Price was never scheduled to perform as part of the IBE's Gospel Explosion. Ms. Price was originally scheduled to perform two songs at 3 p.m., an hour before the start of the Gospel ExplosioN."

Price is a six-time Grammy-nominated American R&B singer and songwriter, formerly on the Def Soul label. She is known for her hits such as "Friend of Mine," "Secret Love" and "Heartbreak Hotel" (with Whitney Houston and Faith Evans). 

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