Royce Lovett Releases EP "Love Wins" This Friday

Royce Lovett

Following his 2015 major label debut release Motown Gospel's Pop Soul recording artist and lyricist Royce Lovett delivers five more thoughtful, well-crafted songs entitled LOVE WINS produced by Nate Butler(Backstreet Boys, Cheetah Girls, Luther Vandross). These songs exemplify a natural next step in Royce's young career, stronger songs, more musical, more funky, more personal.LOVE WINS hits stores and all digital outlets this Friday, September 16th.

Armed with an unmistakable voice, spirited guitar, and lyrics drawn from the depths of his soul, Royce Lovett brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to music.

With love still at the heart of his work, Lovett tackles more personal themes on his forthcoming EP release. Drawing from Lovett's hip-hop roots, "Reach" uses a hard-driving drum beat in relaying the message to always "put your hands in the sky today / though your dream seems miles away." The slower-paced "Go" explores the pressure of holding fast to the faith you have in yourself despite what friends and others may say.

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The rollicking "That's Dat Jesus" (click here to listen: embodies the fervor of the hymns Lovett's grandmother used to sing when he was younger, while the guitar-driving track "I Wanna Love You" (click here to listen: outlines the blueprint for winning at love and marriage. "Don't tell me we lost, 'cause I want to win," sings Lovett to his significant other in a gliding tenor. "Love is hard but you've got to fight for what you want in the end."

Providing the through-line for LOVE WINS is the upbeat declaration "Freedom." Lovett wrote the song in response to the title track of his debut EP. "Thought I was free, thought I was free," goes the refrain, "but I couldn't hear the voice that's locked inside of me. I want to be free from bondage my brother /my friend / so we can dance again."

For more information on Royce Lovett visit his website at and on all of his social media outlets at @RoyceLovett (FB, Twitter/IG).

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