Faith Hill Covers "Come to Jesus" for Her New Record "Deep Tracks"

Faith Hill

Country music veteran Faith Hill has never been shy of her faith.  Raised in a Baptist Church, Faith will be releasing her rendition of "Come to Jesus," one of three new songs on her new compilation record Deep Tracks.  The album will be released on November 18th. 

"Come to Jesus" was written and first recorded by Chris Rice. The hymn has had been also covered by Point of Grace and more recently by Hillary Scott and the Scott Family.  About her Christian faith, Faith Hill says, "That's where my strength comes from. It's my foundation. I was raised in a Christian home and it prepared me to deal with life on my own . . . Having a backbone of spirituality makes me a little stronger. I pray a lot, and when I first moved to Nashville, that's what kept me alive. I believed I was being taken care of. I apply it to my life every day. It's how I've always looked at things."

Faith Hill's former label, Warner Brothers, is putting together a unique collection of cuts across her seven albums that she's put out for them that were never released as singles. Entitled Deep Tracks, the project highlights some songs that didn't have a radio spotlight on them the first time they were released on previous LPs. 

For every single about love that makes the airwaves and becomes a smash hit, Hill has had a deep collection of other songs that have stood the test of time and offer listeners not only insight into her life, but also something more universal that anyone who has felt the pangs and pleasure of love can relate to. Many of these tracks selected deal with those emotions, both positively and negatively. 

It's been nearly ten years since we heard Faith Hill on a new album (save for a Greatest Hits and Christmas project) and her long-awaited album rumored to be called Illusion seems have to been shelved. The last single released in 2012 was "American Heart." 

  1. Better Days
  2. Somebody Stand By Me
  3. If I Should Fall Behind
  4. Free
  5. If This Is the End
  6. Back to You
  7. Unsaveable
  8. If You Ask
  9. You Stay With Me
  10. Wish for You
  11. Boy
  12. Why
  13. Come to Jesus 

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