Adrienne Bailon Stands by Israel Houghton Despite Child Support Rumors

Israel Houghton

Adrienne Bailon is standing by her future husband-to-be, worship leader and songwriter, Israel Houghton.  Houghton has been recently under attack as some alleged that the Gospel music singer had not paid child support for two of his children born out of an adulterous relationship. However, Bailon remains unfazed. 

"Being friends for a really long time is a great way to start a relationship," Bailon added. "You can hear everything from their past and it doesn't affect you the same way. So I've known everything about him and he knew everything about me, and it was like, 'Dang, I still like you.' That's my best friend, so I'm really happy." 

Some documents alleging that Houghton is not paying child support for two children he fathered while still married to Meleasa Houghton recently surfaced online. Houghton, however, has refuted the rumors. Representatives for the Grammy Award-winning Christian singer told Christian Post in a statement that reports about Houghton failing to give child support were not true.

"The case and filing by the Texas State Attorney General has absolutely nothing to do with child support," the statement said. "Mr. Houghton has and continues to provide financial support for the children at issue."

Recently, Houghton took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message with his wife-to-be. "Today I honor @adriennebailon as she celebrates her 33rd trip around the sun - and the truth is, which each trip around she collects and reflects more light than before and shines brighter than the sun itself to me," he wrote. "I thank God for her, and I am so blessed to be able to share at least the next 60 or so trips around the sun with her. I love you Baby - so much. And a huge thanks to @nyricanmama for giving birth to the woman who has completely changed my life !#Happy33 #HappilyEverHoughton."






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