Snyder Family Band Releases ‘The Life We Know’

Snyder Family

The Synder Family are set to release their new album The Life We Know on March 10. The band comprises of Samantha Snyder on fiddle, her brother Zeb, a multi-instrumental phenomenon, and father Bud on impeccable bass.

The passionate approach to the execution of this recording is evident. The detailed arrangements of the almost entirely original material, the variety of style and the depth of the writing all marry in a way that strengthens each.

"Cowboy Man" kicks off the album king-size in Texas Swing style with Zeb Snyder on vocals and flat-picking bounce on this Lyle Lovett song.

"Far Away" demonstrates what the Snyders have been known for, expertly played Bluegrass and heartfelt singing and songwriting with themes of nature, longing for home and peace of mind.

"Clouds Over Texas" is a  laid back instrumental that has more than just subtle beauty. The tone and execution exhibit why the Snyder's are considered musician's musicians.

"The Rain," written and sung by Samantha is a pastoral effort in lyric and melody. It's moody and delightful. Dreamy but not melancholy.

"The Mystery" is questions proposed and answered with a powerful Baroque prelude that breaks to a Bach-like then shifts again to prog-rock riffs.

"The King" is the story of the pilgrim who awaits the final reward. A song of humbleness and thanksgiving.

"Blue Ridge Mountain" Sky has Zeb and Samantha on vocals and features solos that boast Southern Rock, Allman Brothers influences with astounding extended solos. A song about the band's sense of place and returning to a life they love.

"Who's Malloy" is a Zeb Snyder instrumental with groove, mood swings, and staggering solos. Brian Sutton, Multi-IBMA Guitar Player of the Year, acknowledged Zeb during his acceptance speech and this performance justifies why.

"Breakin' Loose" and American Prayer conclude the ten-track work. A Jerry "Reed" Hubbard song, with Zeb on vocals about the open road and a remarkable ballad written and sung by  Samantha that is an invocation for her country.

The Life We Know will be available March 10, 2017, on Mountain Home Music Company.

Track List:
1. Cowboy Man 4:18
2. Far Away 4:30
3. Clouds Over Texas 5:43
4. The Rain 3:23
5. The Mystery 5:03
6. The King 5:03
7. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky 5:48
8. Who's Malloy? 2:59
9. Breakin' Loose 3:04
10. American Prayer 5:53



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