Cody McCarver Chronicles His Time with Confederate Railroad to His Alcohol Addiction to His Christian Music Career

Cody McCarver

Cody McCarver is best known for being part of one of country music's most successful bands Confederate Railroad, where they scored hits like "Trashy Women," "Jesus and Mama," "Notorious" and many others. Cody would spend over a decade with at the top of the charts.

Upon leaving the band, Cody started a solo country career, recording at Capital Studios in Los Angeles, CA. This career was extremely lucrative with numerous accolades, including three number one video's on CMT Pure County and earning the title of Independent Artist of the Year from Music Row Magazine. Throughout his career, Cody has shared the stage with legends such as Charlie Daniels, David Allan Coe, Merle Haggard and more.

His solo career saw his music topping the charts and even being featured in several motion pictures, which led to McCarver acting in several western films. His solo music has featured guest appearances by Colt Ford and The Oak Ridge Boys' Richard Sterban. 

Once again Cody is making waves with his Music. This time it's in Christian music and for Jesus. His first solo album being "The Lord's Will", the title track is an emotional journey about Cody's father who died in a Tennessee Prison. Cody's second release was in 2015 and has been a product of more inspirational songs like, "I'm Forgiven", "Here Today" and "Hey God". A song where Cody talks about bargaining with God, for answered prayers. Cody also throws in a mix of "I have decided to follow Jesus" and "Jesus loves me" in his original style. 

Recently, Cody has released a new single "Rise Up" which will be from his new Christian album to be released later this year. 

Q:  Being a big country music fan and growing up with country music of the 90s, I must say I love Confederate Railroad.  "Jesus and Mama," "Notorious" and "Trashy Women" are some of the songs that come to mind right now.  When did you join the Confederate Railroad?    

I joined the band 1998. 

Q:  What were some of the highlights for you while you were with Confederate Railroad?

There were a LOT of highlights but I think the biggest was getting to record with George Jones and then sing his parts in the LIVE shows, and just simply getting to play those GREAT songs you mentioned in the previous question every show.

Q:  Why then did you leave the band later?         

I did not leave the band for any bad reasons. I love the guys and we are still all great friends.  I went to Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and recorded a solo CD with Csaba Petocz and Chris Lord Alge'. We shot a music video and released a single called "Red Flag" and I had the #1 video for 9 weeks on CMT Pure and charted on Billboard and was named Music Row Independent artist of the year.         

Then I was offered an opportunity to act and write songs for a movie called Cole Younger and the Black Train with Michael Madsen. All those things were happening while I was still part of Confederate Railroad. I begin to miss shows and it was tough. So although I didn't want to leave I had to give ME a shot. I went on to win Music Rows Independent Artist 3 more times did 3 movies, and had 2 more #1 videos on CMT pure.

Q:  You were also addicted to alcohol, was that during the time when you were with the Confederate Railroad?  How did that addiction start?    

The 90s was a complete blur, I always had a drink. When I joined Confederate Railroad I drank but I had a great deal of respect for the band and the songs. I drank but I never disrespected the job. When I left the band in 2010 I was on my on again in my own bus and band, I begin to drink more    and more. Then, I ended up having to be carried to the bus after shows. I'd never been a drinker at home, but suddenly I was. I got Alcohol poisoning and then a DUI. In 2010 to 2013, I was TOUGH to be around because of Jack Daniels.

Q:  How did you quit your addiction and how did you meet Jesus Christ?         

I grew up in church so I had enough teaching to know that I was in a really bad place. It was so serious that I was going to stop playing music all together. I went back to church and went to visit a pastor I did not even know. I told him my story and about my success as a country artist but how miserable I was with my life. He told me he believed what was wrong with me was I was under conviction. He was right. I began to search for Jesus and told him I would go back to singing and writing and tell my story but I couldn't do it while I was dependent on drinking. I asked JESUS to take it off me, HE DID. I never would have made it without Jesus. 

Q:  I believe right now you are singing for the Lord.  Tell us about your new single?         

"Rise Up" is not the single we had planned to be released. I wrote it and immediately felt like it was the right song for the right time. I feel that we say God everyday, when I watch TV I hear the word God however they don't say Jesus. We offend people in mainstream America when we say Jesus. So, God is ok but not Jesus? Money can be your God, your job can be your God but there is only one Jesus. The bible says no man comes to the Father without the Son. Just read John 3:16 - It says the whosoever believes in Him! That is Jesus! I will do all I can to spread the name Jesus in a time when we need him most. 

Q:  When will you be releasing your new Christian album?  

What can fans expect from the record? Right now, the CD is scheduled to be released later this year and right now, it's called #Hallelujah. I wrote or co-wrote all the songs and spent time in prayer asking for the words. The message in the CD is Jesus, and the sound is just the best I can do with the talent that God gave me. I played guitar, piano, some bass - it's a little bit different but it's me!

Q:  What does Jesus mean to you today?         

I am ashamed of myself for not using my talents for him all my life. He gave me my talent when I was 9 and I became our church piano player. I squandered my God-given talents for many years. He's not only my savior, He's my best friend, someone I talk to every single day. He saved my life. What does Jesus mean to me today? I'm less than nothing without him, so I guess you can say, Jesus is my everything!

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