Gerry Skrillz Talks About His New EP "In Good Time:" "Hip Hop is Art"

Gerry Skrillz

Gerry Skrillz, in partnership withThe Die Daily Team, has released his EP titled In Good Time. The EP features guest appearances by Th3 Saga, Ki'shon Furlow, and Joey Jewish; along with top notch production. 

Accompanying details of the release is a visual that reflects the heart behind the new recordings. In an industry that is oversaturated with emcees it is nearly impossible to break through and few are willing to go the distance. The same can be said of the uphill battle to make a significant impact on today's culture. The project is rooted in (Galations 6:9) finding hope in the promise that we will reap our reward if we do not give up.  

You can now purchase the EP on iTunes: 

Q: Gerry, thank you for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of your new EP "In Good Time."  What is the significance of the title?

Thank you, the title of my new EP "In Good Time" refers to the understanding that God is in full control and that His timing is perfect.  If we continue to dedicate ourselves to the task at hand we will see the fruits of our labor at the appropriate time. 

Q:  What are you most excited about this new EP? 

I feel that people will continue to see me grow as an artist and the music I'm creating. I feel like this is most likely the project that will allow me to personally cement the foundation on which I will build my craft and artistic career upon. 

Q:  I read in your bio that you want to bring "art into hip hop."  What do you mean by that?

I believe there may have been a typo on the bio you read because to me hip hop is art. It is the art that I feel most passionate about creating. Hip hop has had an incredible global influence in such a relatively short amount of time. If anything I feel that society has still not embraced hip hop as the tremendous artistic influence that it is. 

Q: Let's start with yourself.  How did you first come to know Christ and felt the call to sing?

I searched for Christ as a teenager but didn't believe I could ever live the type of life that a "follower of Christ" was supposed to live. I actually did not accept Christ until my late twenties. The crazy thing is my circumstances were good when I came to Christ, at least the ones that most people consider essential for happiness. I had money, my life was one huge party, a grip of friends, and I pretty much indulged in just about every desire. But I was miserable because nothing satisfied me. There was never enough and despite indulging in my every desire I found myself empty and completely depressed. One morning I woke up and could not understand how I had become this person that I hated. I surrendered my life to Christ that day and my life was literally transformed at that very moment.

As far as music was concerned, I started writing and recording hip hop tracks around the age of eighteen. But when I surrendered my life to God, I also surrendered my music. It wasn't until years later that I understood that my love for the art of hip hop was something that God had blessed me with. The same art that I used to describe a selfish and criminal lifestyle would be the same that I would use to paint the picture of a forgiven father, husband, artist, and all that my God has transformed me to be. 

Q:  You are also part of the "Die Daily" collective.  What is this coalition about?

Die Daily is a collective of artists, producers, & pastors as well as a global movement. While we are well known for our gathering of talent, we strive to do much more than just create music. We aim to impact our communities and the youth of this generation with the power of the gospel. At the heart of the movement is the need to live a life that exemplifies dying to self and serving others. 

Q:  Tell us a little about your new single "Use Me."  What's the song about?  And how did it come about?

"Use Me" is for anyone who has ever felt that they are too far gone to ever be used by God. More specifically it speaks to those of us who are already saved and fall in our walk (all of us). Despite our shortcomings our loving God uses those who rely on His mercy and forgiveness.There are many times in my walk that I have felt unworthy to be doing the work He has commissioned us to do but there is no greater joy for me than to know that He is using me. I wanted to give hope to others who may be wrestling with the same feelings. 

Q:  What are your hopes for this new EP "In Good Time."  How do you wish this EP would impact the kingdom of God?

My goal is to create quality music for anyone and everyone to vibe to. As artists we can only express what we have in our hearts and I feel comfortable as a follower of Christ to release my transformed heart to the world through hip hop.

I can only do my best to live the life God has uniquely called me to live and to encourage others to do the same by creating dope music.  If we do not grow weary in doing good, we will one day receive our eternal reward.


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