Carman Disappointed About His Cancer Operation Delays & Wonders if His New CD will Be His Last


CCM veteran Carman Licciardello, also most popularly known as Carman, is starting express his disappointments due to the recently found tumor on his shoulder and his delayed operations. His surgery was originally scheduled for the last week of April, but has now been delayed twice.

"Ok Lord, why did John Denver get Sunshine on his shoulder but I ... get a tumora? Anyone ever get that 'Why me Lord' feeling?, Carman said in a recent Facebook post. "They're now postponing surgery another day."

The singer laments: "It's making me think, "what do they know that I don't ?" I know it's unusual to hear guys talk about their health issues, but you all have been praying with me through this whole battle with cancer since February of 2013. So we are in it too deep now for me to suddenly clam up." 

Though the singer has often been strongin his faith in Christ, he has had his moments of doubts.  "Yes I confess, I'm trying to stay up and confident but I am worried. Because the Doctors gave me 3-5 years of remission time and I'm past my 4th year going into my 5th. Now they discover a tumor the size of a golf ball on my shoulder and need to take it out for a biopsy. I just don't have the same optimism this time, especially with these repeated delays. It's just the timing lines up with the end of my remission cycle."

As far as his recordings are concerned, Carmen is wondering if the project he has been wotking on is his last record. "I start thinking "Maybe this is my last recording". I hope not, but just in case I decided to call this record "LEGACY". Maybe it's prophetic. I don't know. It's a bit discouraging because we're not even done recording yet and It's making me weary being the record company, the promotion company, the writer, the performer and the cancer patient all at the same time." 

Nevertheless, he closes his entry by invoking the prayers of his fans. "So I'm asking for a special prayer for supernatural strength and unlimited faith. Not only for me, but for the people I plan to minister to. For the other hurting saints who need an evening of music and ministry to rejuvenate their faith in Christ and keep holding on. Because if I live, if the biopsy comes back cancer free and I can get back up on that stage, I promise you the devil will hate what I'm planning on doing. New souls will come into the kingdom. My testimony will inspire others fighting for their lives too and a new song will be in singing in someone's heart. And yes I still do have something to prove. And it's that the devil put cancer on the wrong Italian ! Please share this post. Please pray. Please help me finish Making new sounds for a new generation. @ "


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