Tearful Justin Bieber Stops Manchester Concert to Preach to 50,000

Justin Bieber

Pop icon Justin Bieber came together with fellow singers Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Coldplay and Pharrell Williams to perform at a benefit concert organized by singer Ariana Grande. On May 22, a suicide bombing took place at Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena which resulted in 23 deaths that included children.

When Justin Bieber took the stage, he started by sharing some emotional words with the crowd: "I just want to say thank you so much for having me. You guys are so brave," he said. "What an amazing thing we're doing tonight, would you not agree? Would you agree that love always wins?" 

Then Bieber performed acoustic versions of his hits, "Love Yourself" and "Cold Water."  After which, before the presence of 50,000 people, Bieber preached: "I'm not gonna let go of hope, I'm not gonna let go of love, I'm not gonna let go of God. Put your hand up if you're not gonna let go."

Choking back tears, the pop-star reminded everyone in attendance, and those watching at home, that God will never leave or forsake us, and that He is our protection-even when the world is not safe. "God is good in the midst of the darkness. God is good in the midst of evil. God is in the midst, no matter what is happening in the world, God is in the midst. And he loves you, and He's here for you."

"I just want to take this moment to honor the people that were lost, or that were taken, we love you so much. To the families, we love you so much."
Justin then had everyone put their hands up and say, "We honor you, and we love you." 

Bieber has described himself as a faithful adherent of Christianity, said he communicates with God via prayer, and that "he's the reason I'm here". He reflected his faith in a music video with Brandon Burke, titled "#iPledge", in which he "talks candidly about his appreciation for the tenet of forgiveness in the Christian faith". According to Scooter Braun, he has also stated that he regularly cites the Jewish prayer Shema Yisrael before every live show showcasing his view on multiculturalism. 

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