Kim Walker-Smith Welcomes Baby Girl

Kim Walker-Smith

Jesus Culture's Kim Walker-Smith gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this past week. Maisie Smith joins the Walker-Smith family with dad Skyler and brothers Wyatt and Bear. 

"TA-DA!!!!! She is finally here," Kim posted on social media along with a photo of the newborn. "Becoming a mom was a huge transition for me. I've always been a career-minded person, so becoming a mother didn't feel natural right away," remembers Walker-Smith.

"I really struggled for a while and had bad postpartum depression after my second baby was born. We're on the road, traveling, recording albums, and I have two babies 14 months apart. It was a lot in every sense of the word: mentally, hormonally, logistically and emotionally. I also struggled with what it looked like to have a relationship with the Lord as a mother. You're not the same person anymore when you have a baby, so suddenly, I'm trying to relate to the Lord in the same way I used to but as a different version of myself. I had to work through my new identity as a mother."


Walker-Smith is considered one of Christian music's top female worship leaders as well as one of the founding leaders of the Jesus Culture movement. For seventeen years, she has travelled the world leading worship, sharing at conferences, and recording numerous live albums with Jesus Culture (most recently Let It Echo, 2016), associated with such worship anthems as "How He Loves," "Spirit Break Out," "In the River," and many more. In the midst of all of Jesus Culture's momentum, Walker-Smith launched her solo career with This Is My Song (2008) followed up by Still Believe (2013), as well as an album with her husband (Home, 2013).  

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