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Master's Voice

Walk Worthy is both the title of the sophomore release by Master's Voice and this Christian Quartet's mission. They are devoted to excellence and the understanding that this "music with a  message" requires the utmost professionalism, commitment, doctrinal soundness and passion. Ricky Capps, (owner and tenor) has formed one of the best lineups in the genre and together with T.J. Evans, (lead) Stan Watson, (baritone) Jerry Pilgrim (bass) and Theron Perry (musician) they have a new recording filled with a diverse collection of excellent traditional and contemporary Gospel Music. 

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  With the success of your first album, did you feel the pressure in the making this new record?

Pressure is the wrong word I think.  Because we sing about the greatest topic (Jesus), there is an enormous responsibility to strive for excellence.  It just so happened that God trusted us with some powerful songs on this cd, which has certainly set the bar high for future cds.  

Q:  What were the types of songs you were looking for this album?

This might sound overly simple, but we were just trying to find the best songs.  There are several people in this genre of music that have told us "its all about the song."  Great voices on a mediocre song, is still just a mediocre song.  So, we didn't set out to find the best "southern gospel" songs.  We wanted the BEST SONGS period.  If that songs lends itself to a country flare, so be it.  If it needs a more contemporary feel, fine.  Because it was so successful, challenging and diverse, this philosophy is one we are going to follow for a while.  

Q:  Why did you call the album "Walk Worthy"?

We realize the privilege and the tremendous obligation that comes with this calling.  He could have called us to do anything He wanted, but He allowed us to make music and brag about His Son...for a living!  He will never fail us, and we know that.  The only thing that can cause us to not reach the potential He's called us ourselves!  We want to be a group of men that do "it" the right way.  His way.  

Q:  What were some of the highlights in the making of this record? 

The entire process.  From choosing songs, arranging, tracking, is special when ideas turn out better than what we imagined.  We get to work with some of the greatest musical minds in the world there at Crossroads, and to see their passion and excitement match ours about this record was special.  I would say my favorite moment was when God showed up in the studio while we were recording "Lift Up Your Hands When You Can't."  

Q:  One of the songs that really struck a chord with me is "One Day Longer." Not many people sing about the challenges people with Alzheimer's face.  

Tell us more about this song and why you chose to record it.  In 22 years of doing this, we have yet to be in a venue where there weren't several families enduring this dreadful condition.  We wanted to help bring awareness and encourage the family as well.  It is a beautiful picture of how a husband stands by his wife...though she will never truly be aware of his commitment to her through it all.  That song will transcend southern gospel.  

Q:  On this record you also try to capture the contemporary country sound with "Without You." What attracted you to this song and its sound?

Other than the cool groove, topically, this song is something we can relate to.  Certainly everyone has had their life turn upside down due to circumstance or tragedy.  Loneliness, doubts, regrets and pain has a way of breaking even the strongest.  It is in those times of desperation, we must be reminded that we serve a God who cares and who is eager, in fact, to pour out His grace.  We are asked often - "how do people who don't know Jesus get through life's tragedies?"  The answer is..they don't.  Without Him, tis' true..."We Haven't Got A Prayer."

Q:  Speaking of "Walk Worthy," how can we as Christians walk a walk that is worthy of the Lord?

So glad you asked that.  We don't want people to get confused.  "Walk Worthy" isn't about our quest to do good things to deserve His blessings.  It is the realization that without His leading, there is no way we can ever walk worthy.  It is merely our job to choose to trust and obey Him.  For there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

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