Olivia Newton-John Stays Positive Through Second Cancer Fight

Olivia Newton-John
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Olivia Newton-John has never been one to let life's curve balls slow her down. In 1992 she went through eight months of extensive treatment to successfully treat breast cancer and returned to the stage without missing a beat. She also made supporting others and charity work a priority. Now, twenty-five years later Newton-John finds herself battling a second round of cancer and once again, her resolve to help others is just as strong.

Before learning that she had a tumor growing at the base of her spine last May, the songstress believed that a severe case of sciatica was the cause of pain that ran from her back into her leg.

"It was painful to walk, so I thought that it was that. I was still performing. I would kind of a grit my teeth and take a couple of aspirin and go on. I'm not going to be one of those statistics. I'm going to be fine. And I will probably deal with this in my life as an ongoing thing, I think that you can live with cancer like you can live with other things - if you take care of yourself. It taught me I'm stronger than I thought I was. I think most people that go through cancer find that out about themselves. A survivor sounds like someone clinging onto a lifeboat, to me. A thriver is someone that's already off the boat and on land," she said in a recent interview.

Newton-John has undergone radiation therapy and is also relying heavily on herbal supplements, natural remedies and meditation. As she continues her personal fight Newton-John is also raising money to keep her wellness center open. Helping to fund research for clinical trials on potentially breakthrough cancer treatments is also a priority for the singer.

A positive outlook no matter what, seems to be the chief attribute that is keeping Newton-John going. She believes that fear is both a normal and natural reaction to the word cancer and all that it entails, but swinging things back to a positive mindset is the key to her inner peace. 



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