The Childress Family Discusses Their Vision Behind Their New Album "Worth It All"

Childress Family

Childress Family have just released their brand new album Worth It All.  For nearly forty-five years ago, the Childress Family began singing throughout the region of Western Kentucky near their home in Madisonville.  This ministry, which is now spanning into its fourth decade and third generation, has been proven to be tried and true and is now more than ever focused on The Family, The Church and America. 

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Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  For our readers who may not be familiar, tell us who is the Childress Family? 

Over forty-five years ago, the Childress Family began singing throughout the region of Western Kentucky near their home in Madisonville.  This ministry, which is now spanning into its fifth decade and third generation, consists of Teresa Childress Lutz, who plays piano and sings, along with her husband, Jamey and their daughter, Courtney, who has become a regular fixture in almost every concert setting and has been one that always steals the heart of the crowd with her charisma and vocal ability.   Carla, the sister of Teresa, plays bass guitar and also sings. Marlene, the mother of Teresa and Carla, does a lot of the dialogue for them and has a real knowledge and sincerity of sensitivity in every service atmosphere.  She also sings and is an accomplished song writer.   
Q: Not many groups have three generation of singers performing together, what are some of the blessings and challenges of being such a tight knitted family group? 

As a family that travels together, you do develop a very strong family tie with each other. We feel that our country is sometimes in short supply of families with strong ties, so we make no apologies for being a close-knit family. We are also blessed in the fact that we are able to continue spreading the legacy of the gospel in song.  While we are a family, many think that we would find more time to practice together; however, that seems to be one of the challenges that we seem to encounter.   
Q: You have recently released your new album "Worth It All," which has Hebrews 11 at the album's center.  Tell us more about Hebrews 11 and how has this chapter inspired your new album?   

Hebrews 11 mentions the Heroes of Faith who experienced many ups and downs on their journey, yet they still kept pressing on and never lost their vision of Heaven.  During our journey, we, as Christians, are not immune to struggles and difficulties in our life.  It isn't always a smooth ride, and our family can certainly testify to that fact.  However, we must never lose our vision of what is waiting ahead.  Our fears, our doubts, the problems of this earth will be long forgotten when we see the face of Christ.  It will be worth it all!  
Q:  What are your hopes for this record? How do you wish these songs would impact the lives of your listeners? 

Our hopes would be that these songs would be a blessing and an encouragement to believers along their Christian journey.  We would also pray that our songs might be used to convict those who are lost and help them to experience the joy of knowing and serving a risen Savior.   
Q:  What were some of the criterion you used in choosing songs for this album? 

We try to consider songs that "say" something.  We don't want to include songs that just make you "feel good", but songs that have a deeper meaning, songs that will minister to someone, songs to praise our Savior and Lord.  So, we do consider the lyrics very carefully.  However, while there are many songs with great lyrics, we have to also be aware that the song would fit our family group and our style of gospel music.  Since we are a family of three generations, each one has a favorite style of music and we try to incorporate those likes in each selection that might feature a particular group member.  There are many times we have chosen a song, but the arrangement just didn't seem to come together for us.   

Q:  There are two originals on the album, let's talk about "Once for All."  What's the inspiration behind this song? 

Romans 6:10 says The death he died, he died to sin once for all... We have heard many sermons on that topic and those words are included in the chorus of the song.  We feel that this song speaks about the plan of salvation.  Christ only had to die once for His purpose on earth to be eternally finished and that purpose is summed up within this song, "Once For All".      
Q:  What about the other original "Let Faith Hold You"? 

The scripture accompanying this song also comes from the same passage as the Heroes of Faith.  It says in Hebrews 11:6, Without faith it is impossible to please God...  As Christians, our entire belief system is based on faith.  Those mentioned in Hebrews 11 certainly lived by that same belief system.  Faith will provide the strength to get the job done, no matter what you may encounter along the way.  Faith in Christ will help you to conquer and overcome. 

Q:  The album speaks about perseverance, how do we as Christians persevere for the Lord? 

Perseverance is the ability to hang on when others turn loose or when the going gets tough.  Every person has had to persevere through difficult circumstances. As Christians, we need to have a strong prayer life, study the Word and apply it to our lives and situations, maintain a relationship with other believers with whom we can acquaint and draw encouragement and always look to the ONE who persevered through such pain and suffering to defeat death, hell and the grave to make a way for us to enjoy eternity.   

We began this CD with the declaration in song that "Jesus Saves" and ended it with a declaration in the song "How Great Thou Art" to the One who made eternity possible-Jesus Christ.  We placed songs in between that we hope will be uplifting, inspiring, encouraging and helpful in the journey of life.  One day all of life's difficult situations will be behind and when we walk through Heaven's gates and see Christ, the realization will be that it was "WORTH IT ALL".   

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