Texas Farm Girl's Tragedy Inspiration Behind "My Daddy Is In Heaven" Releasing Today To DVD, Digital, On Demand

My Daddy's in Heaven

On Tuesday, the film "My Daddy Is In Heaven" by Nasser Group Inc. and Cinedigm released to DVD, Digital and On Demand. The movie is based on a Texas farm girl's inspiring true story of love, loss and faith tested.

The film tells the story of Becca Adams, portrayed by Jenn Gotzon Chandler, who has an ideal young family. With all their lives ahead of them, Becca's husband suddenly dies in a tragic accident. It is then up to Becca to reconcile why bad things happen to good people and find the strength to resists her demons and rediscover her faith.

Based on the award-winning book My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus by Rebecca Crownover, the movie drew inspiration from her true story. After losing her husband to a tragic ATV accident, Crownover wrote the book to help other children through their own tragedy of losing a parent. She got the book's title from the real experience of her daughter dreaming of her father and her in heaven, which helped Crownover regain her faith.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Corbin Bernsen who plays Vernon, Becca's father, spoke about why this movie and the topic it attempts to cover is so important, and what he hopes viewers will take away from it.

"I have two hopes. One is this is the incredible true story of Rebecca Crownover, her daughter, and the loss of her husband. In and of itself, it's a wonderful healing piece for them. It's going to do wonders for them and their affirmation of what they believe to be true," Bernsen says.

He continues, "The other is to help audiences. I think it's great for people to just know that there is first faith, there is hope in God, and there is a tomorrow and there is a better today, and not get too lost in the tragedy of what we see. I want people to know that we can we turn on the TV, Internet, whatever it is, and realize there's a better life than what they are seeing."

"My Daddy Is In Heaven" is available today at retailers and streaming websites, including Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, as well as On Demand via local cable providers.

For more information about "My Daddy Is In Heaven," please visit the official Facebook page dedicated to the film. You can watch the trailer for the movie below:



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