Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson Celebrates 20 Years in Music Ministry & His New Album

Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson

Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson's Keep On Pushin' delivers a wide-ranging, soul-satisfying set of songs that showcase his special ability to inject the timeless values of traditional gospel into contemporary settings. Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson's introduction to the Gospel world at large came in 1998 with the release of Through The Storm.  Since his arrival, he has steadily bridged the gap between generations of Gospel fans.

His follow-up in 1999, Live And Alive, further catapulted him front and center as his composition "I Just Want To Be Right" became a Gospel anthem. The same year, Keith released his first Christmas project, Our Gift To You, which showcased a memorable version of the timeless favorite "12 Days Of Christmas."

He then went on to release five additional projects with World-Wide/Black Smoke Records, all of which charted on Billboard's Gospel charts, and produced chart-topping singles. In 2005, he signed with Verity Records, releasing New Season, which reached  #4 on the Billboard charts. The album's beautiful single, "Let Go, Let God," won BMI's Most Played Song Of The Year Award in 2005. 

In 2016, Keith released Timeless Music Movement Vol. 1 on his own record label, Wonderspirit Productions highlighting music from throughout this career. The recording features his hit single, "Chilly Winds" which is a modern version of his first hit single "Hide Behind The Mountain." 

2017 has marked a new chapter in Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson's Wonderspirit Productions as he inked a marketing/distribution deal with long time childhood friend, D.A. Johnson's SRT Entertainment. The pair has had some success together with the release of Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson Presents... The Rising Stars Of Quartet, which earned a Stellar Nomination.  With the forthcoming release of Keep Pushin', the best is yet to come as Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson continues to stir the masses and bless us with his music and ministry. 

Q:  Keith, thanks for doing this interview with us. I have been reading your bio and it says that you first appeared on the Gospel music scene in 1998.  This means this is your 20th anniversary in music, how does that make you feel?

Thank you for this opportunity. I'm thankful for this blessing as my  dream has became a reality. I've been professionally recording for 20 years and to hit this major milestone is a true blessing.

Q:  What were some of the highlights for you in the last 20 years?

The blessing of being able to realize my dream is the greatest highlight. First and foremost the ability to speak to people through my music and ministry are paramount, Every time I have the opportunity  to connect with the many gospel music supporters I come in contact with I am happy.  On another level there are some accomplishments that  have given me great joy such as hearing my music on radio (nationally), winning various awards and appearing on TV.

Q:  What were also some of the challenges for you?

One of the greatest challenges I struggle with is not getting to spend  more time with my daughters & family. It is also a challenge to find balance and get the proper amount of rest needed during my hectic schedule.

Q: You have been nicknamed as the "Wonderboy."  Why is this so?

I acquired the nickname "Wonderboy" from my dad Phil Johnson and Johnny Martin- R.I.P (manager of The Mighty Clouds of Joy. They both gave me that nickname when I was just six years old.

Q: You have a new album coming out soon. Who did you get to work with for this new album in terms of singers, songwriters and producers?

On my new CD "Keep Pushin'," I was blessed to work with a host of  talented singers, musicians and producers. Some of these artists include Spanky Williams, Tyrone Jackson, Shon Hinton (Mary J Blige's  guitarist), J Vito (from The Hamiltones), Tron Sherrills and others!

Q: The single "Keep Pushin'" is currently doing very well at radio. What's the song about?  And why are you excited this song?

The single "Keep Pushin'" is a feel good song. It is really a song of  encouragement for all ages. The message is meant to convey that no matter what your situation is you cannot give up. You have gotta 'Keep On Pushin'!"

Q:  If you can pick a couple of songs on the record that you are  excited about, which would they be? And why?

I really love all the songs on the CD. However some of my favorite songs "Do You know How Blessed You Are?", "You Ought To Testify, and  "God's Gonna Do It" are some of my favorites. The message and the music is relevant for everyone.

Q:  How do you wish this new record would impact the lives of your listeners?

My hope is that my music will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for people all over the world. Even when times are tough we have to hang on and have the faith that things are gonna get  better, so don't give up, "Keep Pushin'."

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