FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD: The Gospel Coalition's New Album "Holding Fast: Songs of Grace for Rebel Hearts"

Holding Fast

In conjunction with the Gospel Coalition 2018 Women's Conference (TGCW18), the organization is releasing a brand new collection of songs entitled Holding Fast: Songs of Grace for Rebel Hearts. The album featuring songs from Shai Linne, Sandra McCracken, Citizens, Bethany Barnard, Jackie Hill Perry, Austin Stone, Liz Vice, and many more.

You can now download the free at, and please consider supporting the artists who have so generously donated their work.

Holding Fast: Songs of Grace for Rebel Hearts features songs centering around the book of Deuteronomy.  Songs like Nathan Partain's "You Were Not My People" and Citizens's "In Tenderness" call us to worship a merciful God, who sets his covenant love on a rebellious and undeserving people (Deut. 1:26-337:6-832:4-18).

"He Has Made a Way" by Caroline Cobb and "As a Father Carries His Son" by David Baloche recount God's faithfulness to the Hebrew people-how he redeemed them from slavery and sustained them in the wilderness (Deut. 1:31).

As they stand on the edge of the Promised Land, Moses charges them to live in light of God's faithfulness: to love God with all their being ("Hear, O Israel" by Urban Doxology) and to keep his commandments, meant for their good ("Deut. 10:12-13" by The Verses Project).

Songs like Sandra McCracken's "Justice Will Roll Down" and Indelible Grace's "Hast Thou Seen Him" instruct us as we too seek to walk in his ways: rejecting idolatry, pursuing justice, and listening to his voice (Deut. 4:15-4015:1-830:11-20). 

Here is the full tracklist with links to their websites:

  1. "As a Father Carries His Son" by David Baloche
  2. "In Tenderness" by Citizens
  3. "Faithful God" by Shai Linne
  4. "Your Mercy" by Austin Stone
  5. "You Were Not My People" by Nathan Partain
  6. "Runaway" by Jess Ray
  7. "Entrance" by Liz Vice
  8. "He Has Made a Way (Exodus)" by Caroline Cobb
  9. "To God all Praise and Glory" by The Sing Team
  10. "Hear, O Israel" by Urban Doxology
  11. "Deuteronomy 10:12-13, featuring Mike Mumford" by The Verses Project
  12. "God Have Your Way in Me" by Bethany Barnard
  13. "Better" by Jackie Hill Perry
  14. "Lesser Loves" by Bifrost Arts
  15. "Hast Thou Heard Him, Seen Him" by Indelible Grace
  16. "Justice Will Roll Down (Live)" by Sandra McCracken



Tags : the gospel coalition free album download In conjunction with the Gospel Coalition 2018 Women's Conference (TGCW18) the organization is releasing a brand new collection of songs entitled Holding Fast: Songs of Grace for Rebel Hearts. Liz Vice sandra mccracken shai linne Citizens austin stone jackie hill perry

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