Darlene Zschech Brings Hope to the People in Rwanda

Darlene Zschech

Worship leader and pastor Darlene Zschech is currently in Rwanda bringing God's mercy to the people through deeds of love.  Twelve years ago, God had laid in Darlene and her husband Mark's heart to set up HopeRwanda, a ministry that brings the Gospel through acts of love to the poor and the genocide victims there.

Darlene had said that it is her dream to restore hope to the genocide survivors. "I am so convicted to just get in there {Rwanda} and bring hope and love to the amazing survivors and heroes who live in this land today" she said. 

After years of not being able to return to Rwanda due to her own bout with cancer, Darlene is finally back.  She writes: "Oh Rwanda.. today is my last day here for a little while.. and I am not going to waste a second. The fact is, after I was sick this was the one place I was unable to return to via Dr's request.. and to finally be able travel to this land that captured our hearts 12 years ago, well the elation has been hard for me to describe."

"I sense God's hand over this place.. and even though there's a ways to go, you get a sense that true grace outworked through leadership from the top but also from the ground up, has had a ripple effect on people lives unlike I have ever encountered first hand."

Darlene is currently engaged in building a training center there for the leaders aiding the poor.  She details: "Pray with us today as I endeavour to purchase a property to host our @hope_global training centre, and as we visit Fruits of Hope school amongst other things, that we would have wisdom in every moment. Thank you to all who've contributed financially and prayerfully, all who have and continue to travel here to bring love and skill to these grateful people."  


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