New Speer Family Releases Debut Album "A Singing Heritage"

New Speer Family

The New Speer Family's first recording project, "A Singing Heritage," is available now for order on  The newly formed group comprises of Brock & Faye's son, Brian and his wife Allison,  industry veteran Mike Allen and exciting newcomer Ben Waites.

Brian says, "When the Speers retired at the National Quartet Convention in 1998 it was hard because not only were the voices retiring but the songs were retiring, as well. For some time, Allison and I have been talking about how fun it would be to bring those songs back with a fresh sound. We have revived them for those long-time Speer Family fans, and made them accessible to a new generation of listeners."

Dates for 2018 & 2019 are already being added. Allison says, "I have always wanted to sing with a group. The thought of being a part of the New Speer Family is beyond my wildest dream. Our goal is to blast our praises with old Speer Family songs that are still classics. We are looking forward to having a ball with those who were touched by the original Speer Family. We're so excited and honored to revive this music again!"

The tracks include: Heaven's Jubilee, Sunset Is Coming, I Feel It In My Soul, I'm Building A Bridge, He Is Mine and I Am His, Old Gospel Ship, Sweeter Each Day, Hallelujah Chorus, The King Is Coming, My Home Sweet Home, Won't We Be Happy. 


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