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It's that time again for us to compile our favorite Christian songs for 2018.  This year's list is inundated with lots of worship songs from veteran acts such as Darlene Zschech, Hillsong Worship, Lauren Daigle and Lincoln Brewster.  However, never acts have not been disappointing either.  So, here's our list:

10. I AM THEY "Scars" from "Trial and Triumph"

Few are the songs that the church needs to sing; yet one that is quintessential is the ballad "Scars." Too often our sagacity in worship is too superficial. "Scars" is a much needed worship song as it teaches us to even thank God for our hurts: "So I'm thankful for the scars/Cause without them I wouldn't know your heart."

9. New Wine Worship "You Restore My Soul" from "You Restore My Soul"

"You Restore My Soul" is ambulant to the hurting soul.  Harkening us back to Psalm 23, worship leader Lauren Harris first seats our turbulent souls onto the Shepherd's verdant grass before making His presence palatable to us.

8. Worship Central "Stir a Passion" from "Stir a Passion"

Give "Stir a Passion" a spin and within a couple of listens you will find yourself  humming. And this is one of the rare instances where we actually hear the congregation singing louder than the worship leader; a testament to the power of the song's accessibility.  

7. Darlene Zschech & HopeUC "The Table" from "The Table"

Zschech again breaks the stereo-type by the song around the much neglected theme of how Jesus comes to dine with us.  This biblical thread is best expounded in"The Table." "The Table" is  flourished with inviting lines such as It doesn't matter what we've done/'Cause Jesus eats with everyone. 

6. Hillsong Worship "Remembrance" from "There is More"

Few songs deal with the doctrine of perseverance. "Remembrance," a pensive ballad coming from the Australian mega church team, gives articulation to how we can persevere through the trials of life by keeping the Cross of Jesus central.  While many songs rightly focus on the Cross, this song deals with how the Cross moves with us through life.

5. Lincoln Brewster "While I Wait" from "God of the Impossible"

Waiting is never a pleasant word to our unregenerate ears.  Yet, it's a word that God often uses to muscle up our faith.  Lincoln Brewster's "While I Wait" is both sympathetic to those who are waiting as well as it helps not to loose our focus on God. Moreover, "While I Wait" is choke full of heart-hitting lines with the favourite being: "I live by faith and not by sight/Sometimes miracle takes time."

4. Casting Crowns "Hands of the Potter" from "Only Jesus"

"Hands of the Potter" is truly a prime cut.  Flourished by a superior melody, this worship piece is Hill's heartfelt cry for God "to flood this desert heart.

3. Chris Tomlin "Is He Worthy?" From "Holy Roar"

Written by Andrew Peterson & Ben Shive, "Is He Worthy?" is a dramatic unfolding of Revelation 5 echoing the question from the Biblical text, who is worthy to break the seal and open the scrolls?  The song doesn't come to denouncement until it's chorus which is so thunderously glorious that you would want to hear again and again. 

2. Lauren Daigle "Rebel Heart" from "Look Up Child"

"Rebel Heart," which is arguably the nerve centre of the record, finds her addressing God directly.  Sung as a heartfelt prayer with shivers of a contrition, "Rebel Heart" is a piano-based ballad of worship as Dangle leads us to repentance and renewal over a stirring melody. 

1. Here Be Lions "God would You Forgive Us" from "Only a Holy God"

Leading the charge is the extra-superb ballad "God Would You Forgive Us." Decrying the spiritual degradation of the western church by detailing a laundry list of sins from idolatry to racism to empathy, this song is an soul-opener of how much we need to repent and seek the Lord in humility.  Instead of those usual self-focused worship songs, this song actually has something to say and it has a message that really needs to be heard.



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