Natasha Owens Reveals How She Became a "Warrior" Despite a Near-Death Experience

Natasha Owens

Award-winning singer / songwriter Natasha Owens globally releases her third, full-length album, Warrior, March 29 from Radiate Music. The first radio single and title track from the album goes for adds at radio outlets internationally beginning today.

Owens shares the heartache and pain she experienced in the aftermath of her father's sudden passing with her debut album, I Made it Through, followed by hopeful exhales of optimism with her sophomore release, We Will Rise, which sparked coverage by FOX NewsXM RadioCNN and CCM, as well as earned her the fan-voted Best Contemporary Album of the Year award in's 6th Annual WE LOVE Christian Music Awards. For Warrior, Owens offers an "overcomer's record" that reintroduces herself lyrically, sonically and thematically.

Partnering for the first time with Radiate Music for the release of Warrior, Owen's new album was produced by GRAMMY-nominated, two-time Dove Award-winning "Producer of the Year,"Ian Eskelin, and features songs that have 1980s-style undertones in the instrumentation. 

Q:  Natasha, thanks for doing this interview with us.  i just read that you had a near-death medical experience.  What happened there? 

We were in a wreck 18 years ago. A drunk driver hit us from behind at a red light. I developed a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. My top rib was collapsed under collarbone causing my nerves, arteries and blood vessels to be compressed. They went in to do an arteriogram and punctured my artery. I went into shock and almost died. Because that procedure failed, I had to have a major surgery last March. They removed several muscles and my top rib. My husband says that he now has gotten the rib back for all mankind. Haha 

 Q:  How are you doing now?

I am doing much better. Still in the process of the long recovery. But God is so good. He has been with me every step of the way. I am a warrior! 

 Q:  How has this experience influenced your faith and songwriting?

I have been through a lot of faith shaking battles in my life. The one above is just the latest battle.  My songs are my story. They are my testimony. The songs completely revolve around my testimony. They scripture says that we shall overcome by the word of our testimony. When we share our testimony, God gives us healing in return. We lend our faith to the people who are hearing our testimony. I pray that when people hear my music that they hear my faith, my heartbeat and my testimony through the words. 

Q:  You have described this new album as your "overcomer's record."  What does this mean?

Nine years ago my dad was cleaning his guns and there was a bullet in the chamber and it went off and hit him in the heart. I down spiraled into depression. It was God crossing my path, at his perfect timing, that pulled me out. It was music that reached me when words could not. The first CD we created was a restoration project called "I Made It Through." It represented making it through a trial. God began to deal with me about making it through not being the message. That rising above was the true message. This was the second chapter in my recovery, so we named the second CD "We Will Rise." This brings us to the 3rd CD. We named it "Warrior." It represents the 3rd season in my recovery; the overcomer season. I feel like I am finally an overcomer. I have made it through the battle of my life. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for God. I am so thankful that God brought me through.  

Q:  Talk to us about your new single and title track "Warrior."  What's the story behind this song?

We have all been through faith shaking things. We have been though battle and have made it out on the other side. We all get scars from the battle. Those scars represent our testimony.  When we face a new battle we often get scared. We wonder if we can make it through another one. We just need to look at our scars and remember that God brought us through before and he will bring us through again. That we are Warriors! We will be victorious when God is by our side. God goes ahead of us and helps to fight our battles. 

Q:  Besides the song "Warrior," what other songs on the new disc speaks on this issue of suffering and faith?

"Surrender" was written after my surgery. I was in so much pain. The situation was so far out of my control. Being out of control is hard for me. I am a control freak. But in those situations, all you can do is look up and say ok God.  You are in control of all things. Be in control of this situation. I completely surrender to you. 

Q:  On this record, you worked with producer Ian Eskelin.  What does Ian bring to the record that you appreciate? 

Ian is amazing. So full of talent. I wanted this record to be different from the first two. I wanted the lyrics to be simpler, but I didn't want to lose the meaning of the lyrics. I didn't want to sacrifice substance. Ian, my husband and I got into a room together to write. Ian was the spark that ignited everything. God met us there and the first 5 songs were written that day. I've never experienced that kind of writing and producing. I really believe that God breathed into this album. 

Q:  What does this album have to say about being a warrior?  Who is a warrior?

 Life is tough. Period. When we go through faith shaking trials and make it through, we can't stop there. We have the responsibility to help others. We have a testimony that can motivate and move other people to move into the right direction towards God. We may be scared about what tomorrow brings but we are confident that God brought us out before and he will do it again. We all have a race to run. Is that race going to chain you up with fear and doubt?  Or are you going to be an overcomer? The best days of our life are just around the corner. We just have to keep moving and fighting. 

We are all warriors!  We all have it in us to do remarkable things for Christ. Someone needs to look the enemy right in the eye and say I am a warrior!  I will not give up!  I will not back down! I will pick up my sword and shield and fight! 

Thank you for the opportunity to help get my story out. I so appreciate it. 



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