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Acknowledging that the vastness of God's love can't be seen without life's trials, The Lore Family shares what wonders can be experienced with a little faith on their latest album, Hidden Blessings now available for pre-order. The album, produced by Wayne Haun, is set to be released October 11 by Horizon Records

On this album, The Lore Family shares their unshakable faith, detailing the peace, joy and hope it brings them. By sharing this message with their audiences, The Lore Family continues to grow their ministry with authentic music. 

Pre-order Hidden Blessings HERE.

Q: Who are The Lore Family?

The Lore Family is a full-time ministry from Southern Ohio (Portsmouth). We live along the Ohio River in the Tri-State region of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Darren and Sandy were raised, saved and married in the same small, country church known as Bonser Run Christian Baptist Church. The denomination is similarly aligned with the Nazarene Conference, in doctrine. As teenagers, Darren and Sandy formed a trio in that congregation. This is how Darren and Sandy started dating in the 80's. And, they've been singing ever since.

On stage, The Lore Family consists of Darren and Sandy, along with their children, Fayth (24) and Samuel (22) Lore. The family started singing when Fayth was ten and Samuel was nine years old. There is sixteen months difference in Fayth and Samuel's age. The family have been involved in singing for fourteen years. On May 4th, 2019, Samuel married Rebekah Hutchinson Lore. Rebekah helps the family behind the scenes. She travels with the family as often as she can. She is attending Shawnee State University in Portsmouth (Occupation Therapy Program). Also, the family has a Miniature Schnauzer that often travels with the group. Louis Oliver Lore (L.O.L) brings a lot of smiles to children and adults after service. The Lore Family travels nationally in a Sprinter, from coast to coast. They've now been in twenty-two States and Canada since entering fulltime, October of 2015.

Q: Tell us a little about your journey in the music ministry.

Our family have always been fully engaged in ministry. And, singing has always been a route of ministry. Darren answered the call to preach in the Spring of 1991. Within three years of marriage, he and Sandy began pastoring in Huntington, WV. But, the young married, pastoral couple would soon learn firsthand that God gives songs in the darkest times of life.

Darren and Sandy had dated for six years while Darren finished pharmacy school. So, shortly after Darren completed pharmacy school and they were married, they decided to start a family. But, they would experience a season of infertility. It was during this time that Sandy made a profound vow to the Lord. She promised to share her testimony on every new stage she stood if the Lord healed her and gave her one baby. But, she promised to serve Him, either way. He had given her the greatest blessing when He saved her. But, the Lord heard her prayer. And, during the six years of pastoring Kellogg Independent Holiness Church, Fayth and Samuel were born.

After resigning their first pastorate in 1999, the family moved back to Ohio with two small children. They were pastoring once again within a month of leaving Huntington, WV in Portsmouth, Ohio. They would continue to pastor Seventh Street Christian Baptist for fourteen years until they entered full-time, musicevangelistic ministry. It would be at Seventh Street CBC that The Lore Family would begin their musical ministry.

Darren, Fayth and Samuel prepared to surprise Sandy for Mother's Day. Darren easily taught his children their parts to 'I've Come Too Far.' And, they would sing that song during Mother's Day service on May of 2005. But, the surprise was on all of them! And, the rest is history unfolding. Since that first song, they've continued to minister as a family! And, they've certainly come too far to look back.

In 2008, Darren had three tracks made for songs he had written. This was a major hurdle. Darren had written songs for forty years. But, he was too insecure to do anything with them. Soon, after having these tracks made, Darren would contact Rick Schweinsberg to listen to one of these originals. Darren hoped that Rick could pitch his song to a quartet. Darren had been Rick's pastor in Ohio. Rick and his family had moved to Nashville to pursue their musical passions. Rick had been hired by Daywind Studio. Through Ricks' encouragement, Darren brought his family to Nashville and recorded their first three projects. The very first single Darren tried to pitch became their first radio single. "An Absolutely Good Day" still receives airplay today!

Another milestone was achieved in the Fall of 2015. After being a full-time pharmacy manager for 25 years and a pastor for 20 years, The Lore Family felt compelled to enter full-time ministry. At the NQC in 2015, Darren utilized his final vacation hours as a pharmacist. And, TLF began to venture out across the country. Doors continue to open, nation-wide for The Lore Family.

Q: How did you recently sign with Horizon Records?

Psalms 37:23 states The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way (KJV). The Lord directed TLF to contact Wayne Haun to produce our 'Hidden Blessings' project. Patiently we awaited his reply. He agreed to produce our next project. This step was a major move for our ministry. For over ten years, we had been an independent artist. We've been very aware of the different labels and the roster of their artists. But, we felt content in working and praying hard for our own ministry. But, during production, we were faced with a major crossroad. And, we knew that signing with Horizon Records would be a major transition for our family. We were thrilled at the opportunity. We knew the quality of music produced by artists that we've admired for decades. We also knew the timing was Godly and unique with the retirement of The McKameys.

But, we were prayerfully cautious. But, when we met with their staff, we all agreed that this was a door that God had opened. It was a step He had ordered. It was a wave that we couldn't pass by. Honestly, it feels great knowing that we have a team of professionals to help guide our ministry and musical career. It all began with the first step of contacting Wayne Haun. He believed in us and spoke up for TLF. God closed and opened doors. And, we're grateful that Horizons had been watching us and were willing to give us this amazing opportunity.

Q: What did Wayne Haun bring to the record?

Wayne Haun is one of the most brilliant, musical minds in Southern Gospel. His musical influence and creativity extends beyond our genre. First, Wayne helped us through the tiresome and important process of selecting and writing songs. We must've listened to sixty or more songs. He advised us on selecting eleven songs that were artistic, anointed, and a specific fit for our over-all ministry. Then, Wayne arranged them to fit us vocally. He assembled an unbelievable team of musicians who brought the songs to life. His recording staff, including Trey Ivey, assisted him in producing our project. During the last phases of production, Wayne approached us about getting our music into mass distribution. Wayne felt the 'Hidden Blessings' project needed to be heard. He also believed that it was time TLF to have a team underneath our wings. We are forever grateful for Wayne's time, patience, professionalism and faith in our ministry. We believe that he has lifted our family to a whole new dimension. The 'Hidden Blessings' project has been crafted by the best in the business.

Q: Why did you entitle your project 'Hidden Blessings'?

We had planned on recording a song, entitled 'Hidden Blessings' for a couple of years. And, we always felt like it would be the title cut. Life is filled with mysteries. And, at times, it's hard to understand what the Father is doing. It's through our trials that we find grace. It's through pain that we appreciate healing. Our battles bring victories. And, there are hidden blessings around us if we search for them.

Darren had written a song called 'Hidden Blessings.' But, he didn't feel settled on its feel or direction. So, he asked Jeff Bumgardner to take a listen, offer advice and possibly co-write. Jeff was inspired by the hook. And, he began to re-create a powerful, well-written and beautiful song.

The title cut has become symbolic for The Lore Family in many ways. It has seemed like one blessing, after another, has been discovered during the recording process. Doors opened for Darren to co-write with some of the best song writers in the industry. He had prayed for those opportunities for years. Besides producing the project, Wayne gave several mentoring sessions while recording. Then, Wayne spoke to other industry leaders about our ministry. And, Crossroads met with us and signed us to their Horizon label. Crossroads also signed Darren as a songwriter. And, now we're seeing the results of these new songs in our concert. But, besides us, we truly believe that God has 'Hidden Blessings' for everyone! You just have to search for them.

Q: What are you most excited about with this record?

We're most excited to see how these songs will impact the lives of those who hear them. Songs speak to men's hearts when words seem empty. And, this project is filled with inspirational, anointed, joyful and truthful music. Our priority as a ministry is to point people to Christ. We want people to come to know Christ as their Savior. We want them to find hope, healing and help through our music. And, we want Believers to be strengthened in the good fight of faith. Songs can come to a person at just the right time and give their faith a boost. We are so excited to hear from our listeners. 'Hidden Blessings' is by far the most creative work we've ever done. And, God has put His hand of blessing upon it.

Q: Tell us about your current single, 'Ready To Know'.

'Ready To Know' was written by the Oklahoma native, Rachel McCutcheon. She shares a joyous message about the hope of Heaven. She followed the theme of many song writers by penning an upbeat song about Heaven. She encourages saints to keep our eyes focused on our very real and future home. She relays the fact that we don't know everything there is to know about Beulah Land. But, the half that we do know makes us want to go! Still, Rachel speaks for the church when she says 'I'm ready to know the whole about the half that's never been told.' Rachel challenges us to keep pressing on until we reach the City of Gold. There, the half that hasn't been told will be revealed! What a day that'll be when the whole is finally told! As this world gets farther from the truth, we can find comfort in knowing this world is not our home. We're just passing through. And, we're 'Ready To Know' everything about that city!

Q: How you wish this new record would encourage or speak to the lives of listeners?

We hope that people will take time to listen through the entire project in one setting. We want them to experience a time of worship. Each song is unique in its structure and style. But, they're Scripturally penned. Each song has a personal message for the listener. But, the common thread of 'Hidden Blessings' can be found throughout the entire project.

We want people to really trust God with their salvation, pain, battles, prayers and victories. We're starting to hear reports from listeners who've heard the project. They are selecting their favorite songs. But, some are commenting that their favorite selection changes the more they listen. And, we do hope that people will want to listen more than once. We want 'Hidden Blessings' to stay in CD players and on our listener's favorite playlists. Most of all, we want listeners to wholeheartedly trust the God we serve. He's real and relevant to our lives. And, He has given us a new tool of ministry through this project. And, we intend to use each song to bring Him glory.  


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