3 Heath Brothers “Who We Are” Album Review

3 heath brothers

Prime Cuts: Self Less, Give It to Jesus, We Choose Life 

Overall Grade: 4.5/5

There are some songs who reassure us of truths we may already know.  Then there are others who takes these truths and give them a fresh spins, churning out fresh and scintillating punches.  Ideally both categories of songs need to be represented in every Christian record.  Safe to say.  the songs on this new album by the 3 Heath Brothers canvas both terrains with flying colors.  Most exciting are the songs that belong to the latter ilk.  Giving incandescently heartwarming  insights to vital issues such as pride ("Self Less"), maternal love ("Mother's Day Song"), faithfulness ("Dream Small") and God's protection ("Smell of Smoke").  These songs by themselves are enough reasons for one to check out this Horizon Records debut by the 3 Heath Brothers. 

Comprising of real siblings Nicholas, Clayton and Christian Heath, 3 Heath Brothers are a breath of fresh air to Gospel music.  While the genre has a heavy leverage towards baby boomers, it's exciting to see the mushrooming of younger teams coming to the fore of late.  3 Heath Brothers have been singing since they were little kids.  In the summer of 2018, they won the Grand Champion Trophy at the NC State Annual Singing Convention. They recently performed at Dollywood, Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, and are Main Stage artists at Singing in the Sun 2019 and the Gatlinburg Gathering 2019. "Who We Are" is the trio's  major label debut record for Horizon Records.

The album starts off with one of two of their Josh Wilson covers.  Ushering in by some rollicking banjos, the pop-country "Dream Small" demolishes the myth that God is only interested in the megachurch pastors and the top-selling worship artists. "Dream Small" invests significance in the little things we are entrusted to do each day for God.  The other Wilson cover is another highlight. "Self Less" re-defines what humility is: humility is not thinking less of ourselves. Rather, it's thinking of ourselves less.  Such an axiom certainly finds its anchor in scripture and it's worth ruminating.  Another song worthy of much reflection is the heart tugging and well-articulated ode to the trio's mother aptly entitled "Mother's Day Song."

Fans who love those gorgeously stacked harmonies will love the youngsters' accapella take of the hymn "It is Well."  And they repeat the same formula for "Smell of Smoke." This song is a piece of narrative elegance where the boys re-tell  with verve the story of how Daniel's friends were thrown in the fiery furnace.  But not all the songs seek to incite novelty out of well-worn themes.  Rather, there are others that are there to minister to our souls with reassuring scriptural assurances.  Cases in point being the pensive ballads "I Believe You" and  "Give It to Jesus."  These songs create precious moments for us to be in Lord's presence in surrender and worship. 

The album closes on a crescendo with the Collingsworth Family-esque orchestrated "We Choose Life."  Listening to how these siblings pump out their determination to love our Lord certainly gives a strong boost to our faith.  There's not an anaemic moment on this record.  Every song and even every note is pumped with these boys love for the Gospel and our Lord.  Most importantly, this disc not only provides opportunities of worship, but it also teaches.  Through these songs we get a deeper grasp of issues such as humility, faithfulness, love and even Daniel 3. 



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