Chris Tomlin “Christmas Day: Christmas Songs of Worship” EP Review

chris tomlin

Prime Cuts: Christmas Day, Hope of Israel, His Name is Wonderful

Overall Grade: 4/5

Not even two years after the release of Tomlin's full length Christmas album, "Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship," the ever popular worship leader surprised fans by dropping "Christmas Day: Christmas Songs of Worship."  Lest fans get over-excited, this isn't a full fledged 10 song plus album.  Rather, it is a 4 song proleptic sampler of what could be Tomlin's 2020 Christmas LP.  Out of the 4 songs, there are 3 originals and Tomlin's take of "Little Drummer Boy."  Though there are only 3 Tomlin new entries, these songs are important as they all brim with potential to be the soundtrack of worship across churches this Christmas and beyond.

Tomlin has taken the adage that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" to heart.  The 3 new songs don't deviate from his usual template of high powered worship with those strong congregational inclusive hooks.  Best among the trio of new songs is "Hope of Israel."  Here Tomlin shares his pen with one of CCM's most prolific writer Jason Ingram and Hillsong Worship's Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding. With such a mighty cohort of songwriters, "Hope of Israel" doesn't disappoint.  The track boasts a chorus that is not only Christ-exalting but it has such a soul-inducing chorus that you can't help but be drawn in to the beauty of who Christ is. 

Tomlin wears his mentoring heart on his sleeve.  A couple of years ago, he assisted his protege Pat Barrett to rise to the ranks as one of today's most prominent worship leaders.  Now, he has included worship team We the Kingdom on this EP's lead track "Christmas Day."  Co-written by Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Franni Cash, Andrew Bergthold and Martin Cash, "Christmas Day" is a stately anthem call to worship that ought to work its way into every worship leader Christmas song set.   Meanwhile, "His Name is Wonderful," co-scribed by Tomlin and producer Ed cash, may not charter new ground lyrically, but it breathes new life into Isaiah 9:6.

Unlike many of his peers, Tomlin has never lost his passion to write for the church's praise. These songs, if sung with the same passion, are guaranteed to make our Christmas worship much more majestic.  And as a result, our joy is also made much richer.



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