Tim Malchak Celebrates His 20th Album "One Nation Under God" with this Exclusive Interview

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Former country music singer Tim Malchak has released his brand new Christian album One Nation Under God.  The new record, Malchak's 20th album. features eight new songs, including the album title cut, "Leather Bound Bible" and "Letter to My Father."

A veteran of over forty years in the music business. Malchak first came to be known in the music industry during that time with a string of top 40 hit singles in Billboard's Country Music Charts. Songs like his self-penned "Colorado Moon" and "Restless Angel" helped to establish him as a gifted and influential singer/songwriter. Later, in 1987 he was honored once again by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top Ten New Country Artists of that year. All while on an independent record label, Alpine Records.

In 1988 he signed a major label record deal with MCA/Universal Records and in May of 1989 his critically acclaimed album Different Circles was released. During that time he shared the stage with a veritable Who's Who of country artists of that decade. People like Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Kenny Rogers, Emmylou Harris, Barbara Mandrell, Willie Nelson, and the list goes on. In 1993 Tim appeared on Farm Aid VI in Ames, Iowa which was viewed by over 200 million viewers on TNN.

Malchak began a new and rewarding chapter in his life and career starting in 1999 when, realizing his need for a Savior, he repented of his sins and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Twenty albums later, Tim is still sharing the love of Jesus Christ through music and testimony. 

Q:  Tim, it's good to be able to chat with you again. It has been almost 3 years since your last album, what have you been up to in between albums? 

Mostly writing and playing live venues like churches and some dinner shows. Always looking for opportunities to share the gospel.

Q:  You have a new album entitled, "One Nation Under God."  Share with us about how the album came about.

Last 4th of July I was praying for God to show me a way to express my love for our country as well as my deep abiding love for my Savior. So much is dividing this country and I needed to try and find something that all could relate too. It brought me to the pledge of allegiance. Then later that day I was driving past a little church in the country and the sign on the front simply said "One Nation Under God" and that was the spark I needed to get going. My wife Leslie co-wrote this and 3 others on the album. 

Q:  Why did you choose to address the issue of politics, Christianity and our social responsibilities in the title cut? 

I really was Just going with what was moving me spiritually that day.

Q:  Do you think Christians should be involved in politics?

I don't know, maybe there would be a deeper understanding of grace if there were.

Q:  But this is not a patriotic album per se, you address many other issues.  You even address the issue of the trinity in the worshipful "Three in one." Tell us how this song came about. 

That song basically wrote itself. I get a lot of ideas when I drive and that day the chorus just popped into my head, "Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son, Glory to the Holy Spirit, Three in One" Very singable and easy to remember.

Q: I love how you tell really moving stories in your songs.  Is "Letter to my Father" autobiographical? If it is, tell us a little about your own dad. 

My Dad was a hard working yet gentle man. He served in the Army in WWII, fought in France and Germany, and spent 40+ years working in a shoe factory. He died a young man of 57 when I was 15 yrs old and I always felt like I needed more time to learn from him and share my life with him. But the saving grace was that as much as I missed my earthly father, I had the assurance that my heavenly Father will never leave me or forsake me.

Q:  What's the story behind "Leather Bound Bible"? 

Being an addict of 26 yrs (25 years clean now praise God) this was a story inspired by several people I know who have struggled in the same way, all rolled into one person.

Q:  How has the making of this album helped you appreciate our heavenly Father more?

 I think that each album there is growth no matter how big or small it might be. I know that as scripture teaches us, that " all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." I am forever gratefull for the gift of music He has given me and I hope to always use it for His glory. 


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