Rita Springer Reflects on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Online Churches & Dreaming Bigger

Rita Springer

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about significant changes in how churches operate. Now, many churches are no longer meeting in physical buildings. Rather, they have moved their worship services online. Some have seen this as a tragedy, but not worship leader and songwriter Rita Springer.

For Springer, God can still work among his people with or without buildings. On social media, Springer writes:  "How beautiful does the church look outside the buildings? What are the possibilities? I've never known a God who would not meet us more intimately when two or three gather. He said he would be there! How holy. How pure. 40 years ago, I started worship training that way. There isn't a rush out the door or an alarm blaring to remind us to get the kids up and buckled and checked in to children's church. They are with us, while we ask God to draw near because only He knows how it ends." 

Could God even work revival in the midst of people's homes? Springer wonders:".... what if healings in families began in honest conversations around cushions with crumbs bouncing into the floor? What if in the intimate numbers he showed up and healed chronic back pain, insomnia and maybe cancer, while apple juice is spilled on counters? What if we saw more fire in the home then we've ever seen in the church? I want that. I am going to believe for it. The enemy launched a direct attack years ago to kill the family. What if..... in trial, Gods asking us to fight for it back?"

So, in times like these, we shouldn't fret or be anxious.  Rather, it's time for us to lean in to God and listen.  "I want to learn something more then fear and panic. I want to learn, lean and listen. Truth is.... you don't really have to pastor your people on social media and we don't have to release songs every day to try encouraging with what we know to do because we are not sure how to just find God in the quarantine. Now, that stuff is awesome, it just seems like what we all flock to doing because we may be too busy to just let the crumbs fall and do laundry while we worship. I have three book ideas to finish. Is He waiting for me to sit down and start typing to find the finishing of them?"

Moreover, we should redeem the time we have now by dreaming bigger dreams.  "Quarantine makes you think bigger. More grand then last week because last week we had threats and this week we have commands. Where are you Jesus? Oh..... you are in the kitchen waiting for me to make lunch? Okay..... I'm headed that way."

Springer is one of the most gifted worship leaders to arise over the last fifteen years. She believes that the joy of being a worship leader is to make those listening, jealous for what has been found in Christ. Making Christ famous through the art, act and physical sound of our worship is Rita's anthem and her deepest desire is to see this arise in the body of Christ. Her motto is; "To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him". Born out of that deep desire and to see women free through the tools of the Word, Worship and Prayer, she started her own women's conference in 2000 called 'Fragrant Oil' it was an incredible season of 7 years watching God use worship powerfully to transform lives across the globe.

In 2008 she began a worship school called DIVE. (Deep - Innovative - Vertical - Expression) The School trains and encourages upcoming worship leaders all over the world with weeklong intensive one-on-one courses. Staying true to her calling, Rita continues to write new songs and leads worship at churches, conferences and events around the country. Rita released her first book in 2013, Finding Eve.



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