Andrea Bocelli Songs Streamed Nearly 7 Million Times on Easter Sunday

Andrea Bocelli

On Easter Sunday (April 12), in a moment that made the world stand still, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli broke multiple records with an emotionally-charged solo performance, streamed exclusively live via YouTube from the Duomo in Milan.

This historic event reached over 2.8 million peak concurrent viewers, making it one of the biggest musical live stream performances of all time and the largest simultaneous audience for a classical live stream in YouTube history. The video received more than 28 million views from across the globe in its first 24 hours. Even prior to the stream beginning, more than 1 million viewers were present in the waiting room, in anticipation of the performance. 

On Easter Sunday alone, as a result of the online concert, Bocelli's combined songs were streamed 6.7 million times in the U.S.  This is 424% increase. from the day before.  

Bocelli's most streamed song on Easter Sunday was "Fall On Me," a duet with his son Matteo Bocelli. The track tallied 753,000 streams - up 687% versus the 96,000 streams it earned on April 11. "Fall On Me" was featured on Bocelli's most recent studio album, "Si."

"Fall on Me" celebrates the bond between a parent and a child. It can also tanslate to God's relationship to his children. 

Boccelli comments: "Anyone who is a parent, anyone who knows the precious responsibility of being a mother or a father, will fully grasp the meaning of this piece. 'Fall On Me' is the first time I have duetted with my son Matteo Bocelli." 

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