Melanie Waldman Shares About Writing with Michael Farren & How God's Healing Inspired Her New Song

Melanie Waldman

GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award-winning writer Micheal Farren joins singer/songwriter/speaker Melanie Waldman to co-write and to sing the new single 'Look What Love Has Done'. The track is the second of a three songs written by the pair. Waldman is a worship leader at Liquid Church where she has written and recorded many songs which she incorporates into her speaking engagements. Her songs comfort, encourage and uplift her listeners.  

We are honored to be able to catch up with Melanie Waldman for this exclusive interview.

Q:  Thanks so much for doing this interview with us. Melanie, how did you first feel called to the music ministry?

I had spent years rebelling. God got a hold of me when I landed up renting a home that shared the parking lot with two churches. I was attending the very early service where very few people were in attendance. I sat in the back row crying for about a year. The church leadership kindly and persistently kept inviting me to come to the later service. When I did, I began to live in Christian community and soon learned they needed a worship singer. 

 Not long after joining the worship team I posted a picture of my son and I playing music. When, as only God could orchestrate, a counselor from more than 20 years earlier from Camp Good News, where I was first saved, asked me if he could sponsor a worship record for me. I flew to Memphis and recorded my first project. That was really the beginning.

Q:  Tell us a little about your current ministry as a worship leader.

I lead worship for the Garwood campus of Liquid Church. I lead a beautiful team of musicians, and I also am part of the spiritual care team here. I've been on staff with church worship for about four years and have begun writing songs for the church. 

Q:  Besides your music ministry, you are also a speaker.  What are some of the topics you love to speak about?

When I was part of the worship duo Mercy Shore we would go out and play original songs and I would testify about how God restored my life, but in a very abbreviated way. I felt like the Lord was leading me to tell the whole story of the miracles he worked in my life. And I received  confirmations of this, so I prepared the full story and now I weave the original songs in the talk. 

Q:  Recently, you have been working with Michael Farren on some new songs.  How did the two of you start working together?

I met Michael at Immerse, the annual GMA conference for songwriters in Nashville, TN. He listened to a version of the song "Look What Love Has Done" and had really insightful comments about it. I followed up with him through his program Kingdom Songs but it wasn't until 1 or 2 years later we began writing together. 

Q: Talk to us about the inspiration behind your new single "Look What Love Has Done."

Well, this song tries to tell the story of how God took my life, which was haunted from childhood traumas. A life in which I was repeating the same mistakes as an adult, over and over again, and He beautifully restored it back to better than it ever was!  I was healed by the blood of Jesus that was poured out for me. It covered me and washed away (in a supernatural realm) the trauma. At the hands of ministers, every aspect of my life was restored. I knew who I was again: a blessed child of God. I could walk my dog outside without fear. People who knew me before the healing would look at me and find me unrecognizable! I was also physically healed- I could run - I was so heavy laden all my life I could never run but now I can! I was no longer attracted to, and I no longer attracted people for sinful purposes. I was also financially restored - a massive tax debt just disappeared. In every way one could imagine, God restored me. Look what LOVE has done. 

Q: Who else have you been co-writing with? Do you find co-writing helpful?

I got the chance to co-write for my church's debut EP last fall and I just finished a co-write with Steve Fee for a Christmas song.  

I find co-writing to be such a beautiful way to weave God's stories together. I can bring my experience of God's love to another who brings theirs. We glorify God by sharing with each other these stories and sometimes a song arises, too! I love it.

Q: Are you currently working to record a new album?  If so, give us a sneak peek as to what we can expect. 

Right now I'm releasing these 3 songs I wrote together with Michael Farren. I hope to finalize other new songs and release music throughout the year.

Q:  In this age of anxiety caused by the coronavirus, what words of encouragement do you have for our readers?

We know that personal trials provide an opportunity for God to do heart work in our own lives. With all the world going through a personal trial - I can't help but wonder about a great awakening. I grieve with everyone, but I also have this great hope of what is to come.

A group of us have been gathering online every weekday of this quarantine to lift His name high. For an hour we come together to share scripture and songs. It's been such a blessing to our lives. We are keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and trusting Him though it all. Join us weekdays on Facebook Live, 1pm Eastern at

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