Jesus Culture Goes Back to their Roots with "Church, Vol. 1"

Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture will release Church, Vol. 1 on April 24. Church is a return to who Jesus Culture was from the start; a family with a collection of songs that reflect what God is doing in their church and their lives. Church was recorded live at Jesus Culture Sacramento over a period of four Sundays. The 18 songs recorded will be released in two volumes. 

On this record, Jesus Culture has captured lyrics and melodies that carry a message of freedom, revival, and glorifying the Name above all names. Church is also a return to who Jesus Culture was from the start; not a band, but a family with a collection of songs that reflect what God is doing in their church and their lives.

The heart of Jesus Culture has always been to not just sing songs, but to encounter God and see lives changed through those encounters. There are strong anthems like "Fearless", which is an upbeat and joyful declaration of the boldness we gain through freedom in Jesus. Your faith and hope will be stirred up in songs like "Prophesy Your Promise". We are reminded of the faithfulness of God and His steadfastness in songs like "Still in Control".

This is Jesus Culture's 12th live album, featuring Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Chris McClarney, Derek Johnson, Jake Ithurburn, and Mack Brock. Church was recorded with their worship team at Jesus Culture Sacramento, their church of almost 6 years. The prayer and the hope for Church is that these songs would serve the body of Christ, ignite a greater hunger for Jesus, and be the soundtrack to many encounters with His presence! 

Tracklist of Church Vol. 1:

1. More Than Enough (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live)

2. Still In Control (feat. Mack Brock) (Live) 

3. Anticipation (feat. Bryan & Katie Torwalt) (Live) 

4. Revival (feat. Chris McClarney) (Live) 

5. King Of Love (feat. Derek Johnson) (Live) 

6. Nothing But Good (feat. Chris Quilala) (Live) 

7.  Insatiable (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (Live) 

8. Gold (feat. Bryan & Katie Torwalt) (Live) 

9. I Will Not Fear (feat. Derek Johnson) (Lve) 

Jesus Culture Music is Sacramento, CA-based and led by Senior Team Director Banning Liebscher. Jesus Culture was formed through the momentum of a movement that is focused on equipping a generation to transform society by bringing people into an encounter with God's love through worship and discipleship. Jesus Culture Music albums capture the heart of this movement. Jesus Culture Music has sold more than one million albums worldwide and garnered more than 4 million followers on social media and over 83 million views on YouTube.

Jesus Culture Music is a label that contains 12 artists including: Jesus Culture Band, Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Chris Quilala, Kristene DiMarco, Derek Johnson, Justin Jarvis, Andrew and Mary Kat Ehrenzeller, Chris McClarney, Skyler Smith and Josh and Amberly Klinkenberg. 





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