Bethel Music “Revival’s in the Air” Album Review

Bethel Music

Prime Cuts:"Sing His Praise Again (Oh My Soul)" feat. Jenn Johnson, "By The Grace Of God" feat. Brian & Jenn Johnson,  "Come Out Of That Grave (Resurrection Power)" feat. Brandon Lake

Overall Grade: 5/5 

Bethel Music's 15th album "Revival's in the Air" sounds like a greatest hits compilation. Every song on this 15-song collection is a stand-alone hit. They are all well-crafted pop worship anthems quipped with strong hooks and distinctive melodies. More importantly, packed with an arsenal of faith, these songs are open cylinders against Satan and his forces. Every song is a serious contender for every worshipper to utilize in our battle to fend against any dart Satan may shoot our way.  And for those who are stymied in the mirage of despair, these songs bring clarity to the greatness and joy of God.  Part of the success of this record is that Bethel Music has enlisted their cadre of top-tiered songwriters and worship leaders, including Brian and Jenn Johnson, Cory Asbury, Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, Josh Baldwin, Kristene DiMarco, Paul and Hannah McClure, Brandon Lake, Bethany Wohrle and Dante Bowe. 

Since every track here is a winner; let's start with the ones that are most striking. Those who have downloaded/streamed their "Peace" album would be familiar with Brian and Jenn Johnson's "By the Grace of God." Having "Amazing Grace" as the song's seed thought, the song is a tender reworking of the hymn with a gorgeous melody to boot. Jenn Johnson returns with "Sing His Praise Again (Oh My Soul)" which is the apogee of the record.  Calling to mind last year's "Goodness of God," this thumping ballad has a bridge that deserves to be on constant repeat: "Remember how his name will make a way; will make a way." Though Cory Asbury's "Egypt" may not contain the titular in the lyrics, it is wonderful exposition of how God once lead Israel out of Egypt. Such songs that give such careful exegesis of Scripture are rare and when they appear, we have to cherish them.

Brandon Lake's "Come Out Of That Grave (Resurrection Power)" is a future Easter classic. Resounding with a grave-defying command, "Come Out Of That Grave (Resurrection Power)" brims with power and assurance. Lake's other entry "We Praise You," with its insanely infectious chorus, bears all the fingerprints of co-writer Matt Redman. Worship leaders looking for Christ-exalting songs packed with uplifting melodies, should consider Paul McClure's "Reign Above It" and Dante Bowe's "Champion." Both of them share a similar template of a slow contemplative start before morphing into stadium-filled soaring anthems. Of all the worship leaders, Kristine DiMarco's vocals is a standout. Her vocal inflexions on "I Will rise" bring out a layer of vulnerability that is stunning.

Though tugged at the end of the album, Hannah McClure's "Always Good" should not be overlooked.  The testimonial-like lyrics and the song's superior melody, make the goodness of God sound so convicting and tender.  From start to finish, there's not a weak moment on the record. "Revival's in the Air" is easily Bethel Music's best record to date.



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