Jodi Essex Releases "What Is Your Truth?" Today

Jodi Essex

Singer and songwriter Jodi Essex releases her new single 'What Is Your Truth?" today. The song is taken from her album, "Irreverent," which releases on on June 19, 2020.  

Essex talks about how the song came about:"'What Is Your Truth?' starts out with the issue of 'accountability' and someone who lives the narrative that nothing is ever their fault.  They consistently displace blame onto others.  While we've all had moments in our lives where we found it difficult to accept responsibility in something, we knew deep down there was an alternate truth to bear. 

The song also depicts a person with 'chameleon' tendencies; someone who spends most of their energy putting on different faces for different people, all in the name of placating and pleasing others, whether or not what they speak is the truth.  The damaging result of first not being true to oneself, is a behavioral cycle that starts to feel "like feeding you freedom" as I write in the chorus.  Which by that, I mean when placing blame we should be owning up to, we're creating relief ("freedom") in ourselves of any guilt we may have, which also falsely preserves our sense of self-esteem by avoiding awareness of our own flaws or failings.  That's not true freedom.  As I continue in the chorus, "the curse of your blame feels like bondage forever," because the truth is as Jesus says in John 8:32, "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Living and being stuck in a type of emotional bondage from a life lacking real truth can feel like a curse.  We are not free.

In both of the character examples in the song, honesty rarely exists, they don't yet know what freedom feels like or the value of living a life of complete and pure truth.  They live on a "stage" for all to see, yet nothing we see is often driven by truth.  Every decision they make may be based on others' acceptance of them.  At the end of it all, "What Is Your Truth?" is an up front and forthright question we can all use to measure who we are and who we'll become, to ourselves and in Christ.

I hope this song inspires people to really stop and look at themselves.  Is there something about ourselves we want to change?  Is that finger in the mirror pointing back at you? Do we need help facilitating change?  We need truth in ourselves through Jesus.  Whether it's mending a struggle with self-love or turning inward to introspectively find a pattern or incident in our past keeping us in emotional bondage, "What Is Your Truth" is intended to bring light into our dark, and with a little tough love & honesty,  set us on a path to emotional freedom by standing firm in truth."




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