Ashlyn Levoy Leads Us to the Cure for Worry With "Whatever Comes Next"

Ashlyn Levoy

Centricity's new artist Ashlyn Levoy releases her new single "Whatever Comes Next." The song reveals that the cure to worry is putting our trust in God.

Levoy explains:  "Worrying is definitely something I struggle with. I worry about the future and things playing out how I want them to, I worry about relationships and people not being there when I need them most, I worry about getting stuck. I've always had to remind myself that I could have everything planned out and still have absolutely no control over any of it. This can be really unsettling and scary!! But there is also a beauty in the unknown. We are held and secure in something so much greater than ourselves. We just have to rest in the wonder of what He has planned."

Time moves steadily the same for all, yet somehow all musicians mysteriously react to that continuum in different ways. Expressions vary. Art flows through the poets and painters and singers at different ages and in different styles. Musical maturity sometimes takes decades to develop. Sometimes that sincerity can flow through certain souls very early in their earth journey.

This is the case with Ashlyn Levoy. The songs she started writing and singing at 14 were beyond her years. Known by her delicate and poignant vocal phrasing, her tender and wispy lyrical expression speaks powerfully in the simplicity. Now at 16 Ashlyn is writing of love and life and of her God. One beautiful tapestry of artistry blessing all who get to listen. Enjoy the unfolding of an artist who will be touching many lives in the years to come. 

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