REVERE “REVERE” Album Review


Prime Cuts: Way Maker (Darlene Zschech, William McDowell, Sounds of Unity), Come and Tear Down the Walls (David and Nicole Binion, Lee University Singers), Stir a Passion (Cindy Cofer, Lee University Singers)

Overall Grade: 5/5

REVERE is a creation of Integrity music to recapture the intimacy of corporate worship. The emphasis here is on the corporateness of worship. Every song on this 16-track list (of which there are 12 song; a couple of prayers and reprisals) is made for God's people to sing with the aim of drawing close to our loving Savior together. In sync with such a aim, this is a star-studded affair, where almost all of the imprint's signee make an appearance on the album, including Darlene Zschech, David and Nicole Binion, MDSN. Thrive Worship, Jon Egan, Leeland, Mission House, Corey Voss, Sarah Kroger, William McDowell, Benita Jones, and others. To give these tracks a congregational heft, choirs such as Lee University Singers and the Sounds of Unity. The songs are carefully curated, again mostly from Integrity Music's catalogue, with the twin goals of corporate worship and intimacy in mind.

Though not a song, Darlene Zschech's 1 minute 54 seconds prayer before she delves into her take of "Way Maker," is worth the price of this record alone. We have so much to learn how to pray with every fibre of our being from this former Hillsong Worship pastor. Zschech joins vocals with William McDowell on a rousing version of Sinach's "Way Maker." Zschech's vocal intonations used to reflect the tension of the song between our helplessness and God's sovereignty is unparalleled.

David and Nicole Binion set the album on a good start with their confessional "Come and Tear Down the Walls."  More reflective moments come with "There is No Name Higher." The chemistry between Corey Voss' and Sarah Kroger's vocals striking in taking this song to a heightened level. Missionary and singer Lindy Cofer articulates succinctly the heart's cry of the record with Worship Central's extra-catchy anthem "Stir a Passion."

Though Matt Redman (also a signee of Integrity Music) doesn't contribute to the album vocally, he offers his scribal services. Redman's "Upon Him" gets a heartfelt (and more tender) reading by Thrive Worship.  In all honesty, Thrive Worship's cover excels Redman's original. Similarly, though Selah are not vocally present, their single "Yet Not I But Christ in Me" gets reprised by Lee University Choir. Worship leaders or even choir directors who want a well-written modern hymn definitely would do well in considering this offering.

Though a couple of songs ("My Soul Follows" and "My Worship") linger for far longer than necessary, this album is a tightly packed worship experience. In many ways, this like a "best of" Integrity Music collection, containing some of their finer songs from the last couple of years executed by some of their best signees.



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