YWAM Kona Music Releases Debut Record, "The Commission (Live)" EP

YWAM Kona Music

Integrity Music presents YWAM Kona Music's first recorded EP, The Commission (Live), marked with the Sound of GO! This label debut EP, which is available now, is the first release out of Kona, Hawaii, home to the largest base of the global missions movement: YWAM.

YWAM Kona Music is a diverse, global collective of artists, creatives, dreamers and musicians. With radical faith and a passion for loving God and loving people, this community of worshippers has the Great Commandment in their hearts and the Great Commission on their lips. 

Beyond a personal relationship with Jesus, these songs explore what the fruit of that relationship looks like in a Christian's life. Powerful and passionate, this is worship centered around the call for followers of Jesus to bring The Gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation. Singing out lyrics like, I will preach the Gospel, I'll die and be forgotten, as long as you get the glory, in the song "Missionary Anthem" and No matter what the cost to me, the Author of all history deserves the love from every tribe and tongue, in the song "Lord of the Harvest" featuring Lindy Cofer, it's impossible to miss that this EP is the live soundtrack of a deep hunger for Jesus and a spirit-led, missional movement from Kona, Hawaii to the nations! 

Recorded live on location, the seven song EP features a different worship leader on each track. Videos from the live recording capture the YWAM Kona Music team igniting worship in the lives of Millennial and Generation Z missionaries. Soak in catalytic truth and moments with the live videos for "The Commission," "Lord of the Harvest," "To Be In Love" and "Missionary Anthem." The Commission (Live) EP is available now. Go to for more information.  

Track Listing
1. The Commission (feat. Teira Ila) [LIVE]
2. Lord of the Harvest (feat. Lindy Cofer) [LIVE]
3. Wildfire (feat. Chris McCall) [LIVE]
4. Missionary Anthem (feat. Seth Yates) [LIVE]
5. To Be In Love (feat. Mark Barlow) [LIVE]
6. How Can I Stay (feat. Bryce Anderson) [LIVE]
7. Change the World (feat. Daniel Lehmann) [LIVE] 

YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, all dedicated to advancing the Gospel and serving Jesus throughout the world. Established in 1960 by American, Dr. Loren Cunningham, and his wife, Darlene, YWAM was founded with the purpose to "Know God and to Make Him Known." Today, YWAM has over 15,000 full-time, volunteer missionaries who train 25,000 short-term missions volunteers annually, serving in more than 181 countries globally. 

YWAM Kona Music is the worship team and soundtrack for this heart-fire movement located in Kona, Hawaii. Leading on YWAM's largest global missions base and ministry training facility in the world, YWAM Kona Music is declaring, praying, seeking, singing, trusting, and following Jesus; fueling passionate praise, intercession, and prayer for believers everywhere. 

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