Andrew Peterson and Daughter Skye Join Mission House for an Acoustic Version of "Psalm 116 (I Love You Lord)"

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Mission House release a stripped-back version of 'Psalm 116 (I Love You Lord)' initially introduced on their album 'I Heard A Song I Can't Ignore' released in July. The creative delta formed by artists Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt collaborated with Andrew Peterson and his daughter Skye Peterson, adding magical harmonies to the meditative track. Mission House are crafting a new expression of folk-rock worship by combining their respective singer-songwriter sensibilities. 


Born out of a community of friends gathered in living rooms and basements, Mission House's Jess and Taylor met five years ago in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. Both folk-rock singer-songwriters on their own accord, the two naturally became fast friends and began performing at shows together. Soon after, they started a weekly gathering around a simple vision: share a meal and worship together. It was through these gatherings that Taylor and Jess began writing songs they felt their community needed to hear, sing, and carry with them throughout the week.They released their self-titled EP last November, featuring "I Don't Have Much," which at press time has more than hit 1.5 million streams and is steadily growing.
"More than anything, we hope people find peace and joy in God," Leonhardt says. "I think music can be such a friend to us in both the good and hard times in life. We really want our music to feel like an actual room that people can walk into and encounter a real, living God." 



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