Run51 Drops New Hymn Cover Song and Video For “Come Thou Fount”


DREAM Records artist, Run51 releases the second track from their upcoming Hymn project.  Their new song "Come Thou Fount" also features a new music video and short film for the new track.  "Come Thou Fount" is a new take that infuses pop and gospel into a beautiful rendition. Jeremy "JGreen" Green of Run51 produced the track and Chaz Miles and Patrick Edmiston produced the video. 

"Come Thou Fount is a classic Christian Hymn that focuses on the theme of divine grace. We live in a broken world as broken people. No matter if we are experienced and mature Christians, brand new in our faith or don't profess faith in God at all, we are prone to wander and do wander from the fold of God and the truth of God. But God doesn't  leave us that way. He has and continues to pursue us with his love and will sustain us and to live and stay close to the love that has first called us".


Life is a race. What are you running for? Run51 has embraced the challenge to use their love for music to point the culture to what truly satisfies. Using the language of music to cross barriers, Run51 presents a positive and inspiring message that real freedom and peace in this life, is given by God's love toward us at the Cross.

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