Chris Tomlin's Surprise Baby Inspires His New Song "Miracle of Love"

Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin and his wife Lauren are expecting their third daughter 11 days before Christmas this year. The baby came as a surprise to the couple. The surprise baby has also made Tomlin reflect on the birth of Christ inspiring his new Christmas song "Miracle of Love."

Tomlin and his wife, Lauren, started off the year with two daughters ages 6 and 9-years-old. While they were very content with their daughters, God is surprising them with one more, according to Tomlin.

"I started thinking about how I could write a lyric that talks about my baby being born at Christmas and then talks about 'the baby,' Jesus, being born at Christmas and that each line would match and would have a double meaning," says Tomlin in an exclusive interview with People Magazine

While Tomlin, 48-years-old, was initially very shocked by the surprise pregnancy, he quickly became excited for a new little girl in his life. 

"It's an incredible privilege to be a dad with these girls, and especially girls. I feel like there's a special thing that a dad has with girls, and so I'm really grateful," Tomlin says in his interview with the magazine.

"Miracle Of Love" is featured on Tomlin's brand new EP. Miracle Of Love: Christmas Songs of Worship EP includes two new songs, "Miracle of Love'' and "All the World Awaits (Hosanna)". The project also features the songs from his 2019 Christmas Day: Christmas Songs of Worship EP as well as "Noel" featuring Lauren Daigle originally released in 2015. 

"Christmas is the great surprise to the world, and personally this Christmas continues in the spirit of unexpected gifts. When I found out that my wife and I are expecting our third child this December, I was surprised... to say the least," said Chris.

"Around the same time, I was starting to write music for this Christmas project and as I sat down the concept came so quickly. Christmas is about celebrating a gift from God, a surprise child for Joseph and Mary, a true Miracle Of Love. For me, it is another gift to be able to write a song about the surprise of our third baby girl and the parallel story of the birth of Jesus. As a songwriter, I felt so inspired and loved how each line of the song could have a double meaning."



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