'Divergent' Sequel 'Insurgent' Movie Release Date, Spoilers, Cast News Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James & More (VIDEO)

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'Divergent' Sequel 'Insurgent' Movie Release Date, Spoilers, Cast News Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James & More (VIDEO)

The highly successful movie Divergent released in March 2014 and brought in over $54 million in its opening weekend and almost $270 million to date. With the success of the first movie, the sequel titled Insurgent got the green light from Summit Entertainment and began filming in May. 

Insurgent is set to release to theaters on March 20, 2015. 

Shailent Woodley and Theo James will star in the second installment of the movie series as they did in Divergent. The new movie will also star Ashley Judd as Natalie, and Maggie Q (" 'Nikita") as Tori.

The movies are based on the novels written by Veronica Roth which were published by Harper-Collins in 2011. Some have made early comparisons to The Hunger Games because of the 3-part nature and young people fighting for their lives in a futuristic society. 

Fashion & Style shared in a new article that Woodley and James will be performing risky stunts in the upcoming Insurgent movie. According to the online magazine, the sets for the movie includes a number of building rooftops connected by zip lines.

Fans who buy the Divergent DVD when it releases August 5th is said to have a lot of sneak peeks of Insurgent, along with some behind the scene clips.

James shared with Elle magazine that the team of craftsmen from the art department who applied the tattoos was very painful.

"It took a while to put that on! Sometimes four hours. It was a pain in the a**, but it was fine," James told Elle magazine. "It's obviously not a bad job to sit in a chair for several hours. You can't complain. What I liked about it was that there's a specific aggressiveness about it, and I didn't want it to look too soft or something. But it has a tree-like visceral element to it, which is cool, but maneuvering that on to someone's back is a work of art in itself."

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