Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith Reveal What They Think to Hear their Songs in the Film "A Week Away"

Amy Grant

Netflix's newest faith-based film A Week Away tells the story of how a troubled teen by the name of Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn), whose run-in with the law puts him at an important crossroads: go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. It is at the Christian camp, Hawkins' life gets a total turn-around.

The movie which is also touted as a musical features CCM hits such as Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" (1991), Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Great Adventure" (1992) and "Dive" (1999), Michael W. Smith's "Place in This World" (1990), and Audio Adrenaline's "Big House" (1993), all reimagined and revamped to engage today's listeners.  The soundtrack also features a mashup of Rich Mullins' "Awesome God" (1988) and For KING & COUNTRY's "God Only Knows" (2018). Amy Grant and Steven Curtis Chapman even make cameos in the film (as the camp counselor and lifeguard respectively).  

When Amy Grant was informed about the film's intentions, she was elated.  "It was incredible. How those songs were placed felt like they were written for the script and the story."

Grant also shared that the film hit close to home, reminding her of her own camp experiences. She said, "I was one of those kids that went to church camp for one week every summer from middle school through my high school years. In addition to all of the preteen/teenage angst and drama that we dragged with us on the bus to camp, we were surrounded by adventure, spiritual encouragement and music...lots of music. What a thrill it was for me to hear my song 'Baby Baby' reinvented for a camp setting and feel like it fit the story of the film so perfectly. Also to hear it sung by a fantastic male voice is something I had never imagined. They knocked it out of the park!"  

Michael W. Smith shared his excitement for the soundtrack, stating, "Thankful that 'Place in This World' found its way into the movie A Week Away. It was my first top ten Pop single. And to see it getting a second life this many years later is a thrill for me. This song has been life-changing for many, and I am grateful for that. And by the way, I LOVE this movie!" 

The Netflix Original film will release March 26.

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