Rita Springer Turns 54: Why it is Important to Celebrate Birthdays

Rita Springer

Worship leader and songwriter Rita Springer just turned 54! Springer was born Marguerita Estell Springer on April 17,1967, in Riverside County, California. She started writing music for the church as part of the Vineyard Movement in the late 1980's into the 90's. Over the years, she has had recorded 12 worship albums, including worship staples such as "Worth It All", "I Have to Believe" and "You Are Still Holy". 

For many years, Springer never like celebrating birthdays. "This is a birthday post. I do not think I've ever made one. Why? Well, I've loathed celebrating my birthday. Sounds crazy right? Not really. I do remember being in my 30's and just hiding from mankind on the day I was born. Last year though I ticked some friends off and well, they let me know what a tragedy it was to block them from celebrating me. I haven't understood why people make a big deal about themselves on their birthday."

Her unease about celebrating her own birthday made her search her heart. This prompted Springer to seek the Lord. "When you are uncomfortable with other people's joy of you being alive you kind of need a come to Jesus conversation. He reminded me of a moment in my little girl years, when trauma gave me an excuse to pass over April 17!"

Through the Lord's conviction and healing, Springer started to open up to the idea of celebrating birthdays. "Last week, friends showed up and handed me a gift I would NEVER in my LIFE have ever purchased for myself! Like NEVER!!!!!  (Well, if it were found in a bin on 99% off sale I might have.... but this gift they bought me, never goes on sale) I was unraveled. In fact.... I could not touch it for a good 24 hours."

The reason why Springer warmed up to the idea of celebrating birthdays is because of God. Birthdays remind us of our value before God. God values us to create us. "Then God started telling me the importance of value. Value. My value. My worth. It was life changing. Now, I need to warm up to this whole Happy Birthday to me stuff, but this post is a start. How can we think God celebrates us but not allow anyone else too? Hard lessons are easier when you just let them be hard and then ride the back of it until the hard stuff is broken off. Who knows.... maybe I'll make a cake for myself or do a dance."

Fellow artists such as Travis Greene, Nicole Britt, Hollyn, Francesca Battistelli and others have all sent birthday greetings. Nicole Binion writes: "My beautiful friend!! Celebrating you today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY." While Bethel Music's Kalley Helligenthal surmises, "Rita you are MOST WORTHY of celebrating! Me, Andrew, Elsie and Olive adore you! You bring such richness, depth, intentionality, love, humor (and DELICIOUS food) to anyone who has the privilege of knowing you. Happy happy birthday!"


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