Emmy Award-Winning TV Personality Katie Linendoll Talks About Her Faith and Her New EP

 Katie Linendoll

Emmy Award-Winning TV personality Katie Linendoll has released her brand new EP Jericho Battle Cry. Linendoll has been the host of multiple TV shows from Rachael Ray to The Weather Channel to CBS Sports Radio. However, she has felt God's call to return to her Christian roots in recording a Christian-themed album.

The highlight of the new EP is Linendoll debut single, "Jericho Battle Cry." Profits from this song support Bugles Across America---a non-profit organization that has created a network of musician volunteers who provide Buglers to sound "Taps" live for Veteran funerals at no cost. Listen to "Jericho Battle Cry" here 

We are honored to be able to chat with Katie for this exclusive interview.

Q: Katie, thanks for doing this interview with us. You have been a host of many TV shows, what were some of your highlights for you as a TV host?

Thank you so much for allowing me to share more on the EP and my faith!

I love what I do in the world of tech and with the launch of my music I've had so many people curious as to what was happening in that realm. Well, my background and work in tech is so integral to who I am. I hope to continue making music alongside my tech life. My favorite part about working in TV is finding and sharing the latest tech stories and innovations with my audience. I feel a sense of responsibility when I know that potentially millions of people could view a segment I put together. I am always looking for tech that is making a difference and creating positive impact.

Q: Why did you decide to record a Christian-themed EP?

Whether on a long run or on a road trip -- CCM has been an integral part of my playlist and has inspired and uplifted me for so many years. Creating my own songs has been something that I have wanted to do for a while. During the creative musical process the collaboration with seasoned music veterans has been really dynamic and though some suggested a different genre, I was adamant about keeping this EP in the Christian genre.

Q: Talk to us about your faith. How did you become a Christian? What does your faith mean to you today?

I was raised in a devout traditional Catholic family. As a child I attended Catholic school, and this is where I really developed the roots of my faith. Learning about the values of faith, respect and integrity were really important to my parents. Laying this foundation really helped center me as I grew up. My faith has only ramped over the years and it keeps me and my life choices very grounded. I've stayed active in the church, and even when I am traveling the world, I always make it to Sunday mass no matter where I am be in Alaska, Malaysia or skipping islands in the Faroes.

Q: Were you always interested in singing, especially Christian music? 

I started listening to Christian music in high school. Jars of Clay was a huge inspiration and has been a timeless part of all my playlists. I've been in vocal training on and off for over 15 years and dabble in guitar, piano and music theory. When I started meeting amazing producers and musicians I thought, "I have to do this - it is a great way to expand my creativity and faith."  Once I made that decision everything just starting clicking and falling into place. I have worked on various musical projects over the years, but after working on my album, now I have an entirely new appreciation for putting fully mixed and mastered songs together.

Q: Talk to us about your new EP "Jericho Battle Cry." What's your vision behind this record?

I worked with three different producers on these four tracks and they are each wildly different, but all true to the message that I wanted to deliver and true to my varied styles! I self-funded the EP and am most proud that 50% of each songs streams and merch are tied to a small non-profit close to my heart.

Q: What were some of your highlights in the making of this record?

One fun highlight was including a sampling of the 80's iconic toy "Speak & Spell." I liked how adding this component helped merge my tech life and my music life. I had the sound effects in my head and couldn't let go of the idea. The team at PlayMonster and Basic Fun worked with me to integrate the sounds and I think it took the song to a whole other level. So grateful for their help and they were so awesome to work with!

Q: How do you wish these songs would impact the lives of our readers?

I hope the songs can get ya fired up and help you feel good. Why Oh Why is about losing someone close to you; Jericho Battle Cry is equal parts Americana, vigor and scripture; Dancin' Like a Kid is about having the pure faith of a child and One Way Out is about turning to God to help fight your life battles.

Q: I was reading your bio and here's something that got my attention: you hold the Guinness World Record for the "Most High Fives in One Minute"! How many high fives in one minute can you make? 

Haha! This was a career highlight. I was hosting a tech show on Spike TV and National High Five Day was approaching. I've always been big in to high fives because I'm not a hugger, so it's a running joke with my friends over many years. We were in a meeting and I asked if we could PLEASE make this a segment. It was a very intense process, as there was a Guinness World Record Adjudicator on hand to ensure high fives were meeting requirements!  We did it - and I became Guinness World Record holder. 

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