Hannah Kerr Reveals Why the New Acoustic Video of "Same God" is Special to Her

Hannah Kerr

Singer and songwriter Hannah Kerr has released a brand new acoustic version of her latest single "Same God." The new version features Hannah singing to the backing of just a piano.

"The brand new acoustic version of Same God is out NOW!!" Hannah shares on social media."This version is a live recording of me singing with just a piano, which is really similar to how the demo this is basically how I listened to the song for months before it ever came out! I hope this version brings you rest and peace in whatever season you're in."

Accompanying the song is its live acoustic video. "We recorded a music video for the live acoustic version of Same God and it's out NOW on YouTube!!" This music video is  special to Hannah because it features her own brother Josh Kerr on piano. She continues, "It's so sweet getting to make music with people I love-in this case, my brother @joshkerrmusic

He produced the original version of `Same God' so I thought it was only fitting for him to play piano for the acoustic version. I love the epic production of the original song, but something about hearing it more raw and acoustic and live like this feels so right to me. This video captures how I felt writing the song and how I feel singing it: emotional, bright, hopeful, renewed, connected, vulnerable, pure. I hope it makes you feel that way too."

For all of the latest information about Hannah Kerr, visit and her FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. 

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