GAWVI Gives Voice to Spanish-Speaking Youth with New Album


GAWVI has made a career out of pushing boundaries and being a pioneer in music. Now he has pushed the boundaries again with the release of his first Spanish album. Noche Juvenil transports listeners back to one of GAWVI's fondest childhood memories, Youth Night. Bringing a hint of nostalgia mixed with infectious beats and unapologetic lyrics, GAWVI delivers a music experience unlike any Youth Night done before.

Inspired by the sounds of Neon 16 and Tainy and blended with his love for Reggaeton and Musica Urbana, the result is an energetic 12-track album that reflects GAWVI's heart for his Latino culture and church along with his desires to challenge the deep issues within it.  

Q: GAWVI, thanks for doing this interview with us. Why did you decide to record a Spanish-language album?

It's always been a passion project to do a Latin album, a lot of it is nostalgia with what I grew up within the Latin church. I wanted to give the experience that my friends and I always wanted as a kid for Youth Night.

Q: Why did you entitle the album "Noche Juvenile" (meaning "Youth Night")? 

Noche Juvenil translates in English as "Youth Night". This is the Youth Night that every Latin kid in the states always wanted and is something I always wanted as a kid myself.

Q: What was youth night like while you were growing up?

Youth night in the Hispanic church was overall amazing for me! We got to experience God and had great leaders. I think my friends and I can just all agree we wish it was cooler and connected more to what was relevant. 

Q: Was it a challenge to sing a full-album in Spanish?

Yea, it definitely had its challenges for sure, but overall it was great. 

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this new album? 

Making this album was a highlight. I've been on a journey and just about connecting with my roots, my Latin culture and discovering more about myself. I drew inspiration from artists such as J Balvin, Tainy, Bad Bunny and  Neon 16. Stylistically, it is straight-up reggaeton with sprinkles of EDM and trap and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Q: You have collaborated with a few guests on this new record. Who are some of your collaborators? Can you recall a story with one of your collaborators that you really appreciate?

Yea, I collaborated with friends like Blanca, Maria Juliah, Madiel Lara, Tommy Royale, and WXLF. As with all of my albums, I love working with my friends and that is what makes it so fun for me,  and you can hear it in the music, how effortless it was.Honestly, there are so many great memories of making this record, I can't just pick one, but I hope you can hear the fun we had through the music. I know I can!

Q: Will you be making more Spanish-language albums in the near future? 

Yea, I definitely hope so!

Q: How do you wish these new songs would impact the lives of your listeners?

You know, there is a huge gap with younger people not feeling like they can have a voice in the Latin market. Traditionally, the Latin faith community is very conservative and doesn't leave space for the younger generation to express themselves. The youth are looking for representation and for someone to speak to how they feel and I hope this album helps them do that.

We're constantly trying to figure out how we fit into a complex world and a complex religious landscape and through this project, I want to create a space where people can ask questions and not feel condemned.


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