Ellie Holcomb Reveals How Her Mom Inspired Her New Song "Color"

Ellie Holcomb

Ellie Holcomb releases a new song, "Color," from her forthcoming album, Canyon, which releases on June 25th. Written by Holocomb and NEEDTOBREATHE's Wilder Woods, the song speaks about how Jesus makes our world beautiful again. Holcomb continues to tell us how her mother inspired the creation of the song.

"I wrote the bridge of this song about my mom's story," Holcomb shares. "She didn't grow up in the church at all, but one day in 7th grade, as a group of girls was gossiping in the hall, one of her friends walked away. My mom followed her, asked her if she was ok, and mom's friend replied: "I'm good, I just love Jesus and don't think it's very loving to talk about others behind their back, but I knew that I'd just join in if I stayed there, and I didn't want to preach at anybody, so I just thought it was best if I walked away."

My mom had two responses. 1. "Who is Jesus? I've never heard anyone talk about him like that." And 2. "Will you be my best friend, because you are amazing?!" As my mom hung out with her friend and her friend's amazing family, she ended up encountering the living God, and she says it was like her whole world went from black and white to 3D and COLOR.

I'm so grateful for the love of God and for the way He meets us in our tears, our sorrow, in the sun that rises golden each morning, in the field of wildflowers, in the laughter of a friend we know, in our darkest nights. I'm so grateful that the truth isn't just black and white. Truth is embodied in the person of Jesus, a person of color, who walked upon this broken and colorful world, and who broke for us so that we could know the beauty of being broken and beloved." 

With her upcoming project, Canyon, Holcomb teamed with an incredibly talented team of co-writers such as Natalie Hemby, Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE, and Thad Cockrell, and the project was produced by Cason Cooley along with executive producer and her dad, Brown Bannister.  

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