WorshipMob's Ben Wamberg Recalls How the Holy Spirit Helped Him Write "Let Your Fire Fall"

 Ben Wamberg

WorshipMob has just released their official video of their latest single "Let Your Fire Fall." Written by Ben Wamberg, the song features Nick Smith, Glorianna Barnes, Claudia Martinez, Colten May, Nali Wells, Aaron McClain, & Cara Summer on vocals. "Let Your Fire Fall" is a powerful prayer for god to bring revivcal to our land. 

Wamberg talks about how the song came at the Azusa Now conference. "At Azusa Now, Todd White prophesied over the crowd; the declarations he made became an ardent request to God for more of His presence. Todd, along with Lindy Contant and The Circuit Riders began to lead the crowd in a cry of, "Holy Spirit, let your fire fall." The Spirit was in motion at Azusa Now, and I, in my home streaming the event, was a puddle."

The conference made such an impression on Wamberg that it has never left his mind. He continued, "For the five years since, I have never stopped returning to that cry. "Holy Spirit, let your fire fall" became a normal place for me to go in worship. I have sung, prayed, and prophesied what Todd and Lindy sang, until it became a new song for me, in its own right.

Last year, I finally sat down with Holy Spirit to write it out and expand upon what I felt like God was doing through the words, then and now. The result is "Let Your Fire Fall." To me, it is a request to God for more of Himself, committing to act in tandem with Holy Spirit, and a declaration of the promise, "as we see Him, we will be like Him."

Wamberg gives thanks to those who have influenced him to write this song. "Writing this song was my way of honoring the monument God set up in my heart through the ministry at Azusa from Todd, Lindy, and the Circuit Riders. (Guys, if you're reading this, thank you so much for adoring Jesus with reckless abandon; you inspired me to dive further into worship myself)."

Here's the link to Todd White, Lindy Contant, and The Circuit Riders at the Azusa Now event:

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