Hineni Music Helps Us to Surrender to the Refiner with New EP

Hineni Music

Hineni Music, which comprises of husband and wife, David and Megan Martin, has just released their new EP Refine. The new record includes the previously released singles, "Steadfast" & "All I Need." Refine is full of worship songs that teaches how we can surrender our lives to Jesus our Refiner. 

In January 2019, Megan felt the Lord leading her to "sing a new song". Though she'd never finished one before, she started writing down what He put on her heart, and the songs began to flow. These became the lyrical expression of jagged and painful, yet faith-filled and beautiful process of refining with the Lord.

She, along with her now husband, have been writing, refining, and preparing a handful of the songs that have come out of this season to steward as best they can what the Lord has entrusted with them. Each song has been a gift to them in their own journeys, and they hope they are to you as well.


1 New Thing
2 Refine
3 Altar
4 All I Need
5 Steadfast

To find out more about Hineni Music, click here.

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