Scandal Season 4 News, Rumors, Sneak Peek and Spoilers: Back to Olivia-Centric Storytelling


Scandal's Season 4 will see a return to the "case of the week" format that was in place during Seasons 1 and 2 but was not used for much of Season 3 because of Kerry Washington's (who plays Olivia Pope) pregnancy. As confirmed by show creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "Definitely more of a case of the week, but also literally we can tell a story in which our characters are in a room together. In season two and season one, Kerry is in almost every scene, and that's not possible in season three. So it just necessitated a different mode of storytelling, and we're very excited to get back to Olivia-centric storytelling."

Nothing less than a reboot of the show is in order after Season 3's explosive finale left everything broken and in pieces. Olivia (Kerry Washington) has flown the coop following her "I'm the scandal!" epiphany, taking along Jake (Scott Foley) to destinations unknown. Her ruthless father Rowan (Joe Morton) has orchestrated the killing of the President's son Jerry (Dylan Minnette) as part of a scheme to get his old job back as head of black ops B613.

Her equally ruthless terrorist mother Maya (Khandi Alexander) has been neutralized and locked up inside a hole in the floor of B613. Her lover Fitz, who got reelected as President, has apparently decided to stay put with his wife Mellie (Bellamy Young) following the death of their son and after learning that she was raped by his own father. David (Joshua Malina) has received Jake's shipment of classified B613 files with a "get the bad guys" note. And of course we also already know that Harrison (Columbus Short, who was fired from the show), whom we left in Season 3 staring at Tom's (Brian Letscher) gun, won't be back next season.

As noted by Rhimes, "What I loved about when we get to the end of the season, we pushed a very strange reset button. Everybody's life got wiped clean in a very odd way....We're in a very different spot and everybody has been wiped clean, and anything goes, in a weird way. It was very freeing and terrifying." So will Season 4 be taking off with a fresh restart? We'll know for sure when Scandal returns to air on ABC TV on September 25 at its new 9:00 PM time slot.


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