Lyne Nsongo Opens Up About Her New Song "Royal" and Building Up the Confidence of Women

Lyne Nsongo

London-based Belgian Congolese songstress Lyne Nsongo hopes to help women remember their worth in Jesus Christ with brand new single "Royal." Produced by Ocean and engineered by Hot Money (Stefflon Don, Krept & Konan, Stormzy), "Royal" finds Nsongo speaking to women, wanting to make them realise their worth and their royalty.

We are honored to catch up with Lyne for this exclusive interview. 

Q: Lyne, thanks for doing this interview with us. Tell us about your upbringing and the kind of music that influenced you while you were growing up?

I grew up in a musical family and from a very young age I was put in a classical academy where I studied piano, solfege and theatre for 8 years. At home we would hear different types of music due to my dad's wide CD library.

Q: When and how did you know you wanted to sing?

I have been influenced by artists such as Alicia Keys who was playing keys and singing at the same time in her music videos. This gave me the vision that I wanted to do this too. 

Q: How would you describe your style and the heart of music?

My style, whether it's in music or fashion, stays very urban. I am a sneaker person so I'm rarely in heels lol. In terms of music, I love a good trappy drum set and high hats :) 'ROYAL' is a gospel song but the feel of it really represents my music sound. 

Q: I believe you released an EP before your current single 'Royal', tell us about that EP.

That's right, 'Bipo Feels' was my first EP to be released. The meaning behind it was inspired by a time of confusion between love and hate in a relationship. 'Bipo' coming from Bipolar, to highlight the fast changes of emotion btw each track. 

Q: 'Royal' has such a powerful message, especially to women. How did this song come about?

The concept of 'Royal' came to my mind after various conversations in which I realised a lot of women/girls feel lost, unworthy, not confident about themselves. This song is to make them realise their worth and their royalty in God's eyes. That's why I'm passionate about 'Royal'.

Q. Why are you passionate about 'Royal'?

I found my calling. This ability to sing and write comes from God and I definitely feel like I want to use it to impact our generation. 'Royal' is my first gospel song, and I wish I was listening to songs like this younger. The aim of the song is to make women realise their worth and their royalty in God's eyes which gives a purpose behind that I'm passionate about.

Q: Do you have more new music coming in the near future? If so, give us a glimpse of what we can be expecting.

A remix of 'Royal' is definitely coming soon... Other than that, more singles are on the way, and they'll be in French and English with artist features from London and back home in Brussels. 

Q: How do you wish your songs would impact your listeners, their faith, and the way they live?

As mentioned above, this song is to impact women's confidence and to make them realise how God sees them. I hope that in the long run, I can become an influence for the younger generation who struggle with their identity as well as strengthening their trust in God in their life. 


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